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Hi, im pretty new here well 1st post!

ive had asthma since i was 10, im 36 now and its gotten worse in the last few years.

my medication is

flixotide 250





i applied for dla and have been turned down for it, so ive appealed because im not 'severe enough to qualify'!!

im under a lung specialist at hospital fortnightly and a community asthma nurse!

they've told me im on the max meds and theres nothing much else they can do....

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Hi Sassyj and welcome to the forum. Hope you'll find it useful. Me and my teenage son take Theophylline - I've taken it nearly all my life and son had it added in about 4 years ago (after we were told there was nothing more they could do for him!). We find it very helpful. It might be worth asking about it when you next see your consultant if it hasnt already been mentioned. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.



i was on theophelline for a few weeks but it made me sick and headaches so had to come off it, i cant have xolair coz im not allergic to anything so wouldnt be an advantageous for me!

so im on the max of everything just hopeing they can do something


Sorry to hear that. Theophylline still makes me a bit queasy but I take it because it really helps relieve my asthma symptoms. My son (14) has never had any side effects.


There is usually something else that can be done. You could ask for a second opinion if you don't feel you are getting anywhere.



im new on here too im am on simular meds to you including, sybicort, salamol, montelukast, unipyllin and steroids at the moment and nebs as and when, ive been off work for the last four weeks and was in hospital for one of those weeks and getting fed up now, i havent got a neb at home and seem to keep hitting brick walls when i request one? any suggestions as im fed up of having to go to urgent care? and im still exhausted and wheezy!!



thanks everyone... im back the the lung dr in august and rang the clinic nurse today who basically said.. you have to wait!! hoo humm

i actually bought my nebuliser a few years ago for my son whos quite bad aswel, the hospital wouldnt issue 1 as he wasnt bad enough, so they say, so i had to buy 1 and its been a god send. all you can do really is keep on at the hospital, you do get there eventually, but it takes time.

They only saw me in lung health because ive been in hospital 43 times since january this year, and realised theres actually a problem, but was told today by the asthma nurse that im on the max asthma medication and theres nothing really more i can have!!


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