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Looking for Inspration re medications

I am currently being seen by my consultant at my local hospital at a recent appointment he asked what I thought would improve my asthma? Which has been uncontrolled for last 3/4 years. I have tried various combinations of medications including theophylines, montelukast, symbicort, atrovent, ventollin, intial, and antiacids to name but a few. I am currently on seretide 250, bricanyl and accolate with pred when needed plus various allergy meds (antihistamines,eye and nasal sprays and epi-pens) . Unfortunately, I am unable to go on Zolair as my IgE levels are too high. Personally I would like to go on a maintence dose of pred as when on pred this is the only time my asthma is controlled - however consultant says I am to young to do this as my bone density will suffer. My question is has any one else been in this position and what sort of medication worked for you. To be honest just looking for inspiration and other possible routes I could discuss with consultant as I am running out of ideas fast.....

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erm.. maby subcut?????? its tiny little needles under the skin connected to a pump which gives you constant bricanyl to help the airways stay open. i think this is a last resort option but can work really well for people. have u tried home nebs? they might help too.



My Hubby was on steroids permanently but got osteoperosis, kept breaking bone including 3 ribs, which is not ideal if asthmatic, he isn't. He was very moody and very depressed. Had to have meds for bones which made him really ill as can't tolerate much dairy produce. He still has vitamin b12 injections.He started on steroids at 28 and came off them at 32 (stepping dose 12 a day for a week,then 11 and so on until ill and back up, dont think we got past 5). He now has bone density scans but doesn't have osteperosis but is still high risk.

I've been ill since I has swine flu in October and not winning, know how you feel, just started steroids, should have done it months ago but really scared about side affects.



What about asking for a second opinion? Have you thought about asking for a referral to a tertiary referral centre (or somewhere/someone with a good reputation for managing difficult asthma)? Or would an allergy specialist/immunologist be able to help?

May I ask why your username is Malawi? I went there about 8 years ago, but have been thinking about that holiday recently as someone asked me where the most interesting place I had been travelling was! (sadly no more exciting holidays for me for the moment - due to asthma/anaphylaxis- waa).



I agree with Bryony. You need referal to a difficult asthma specalist. Ask your GP or consultant to refer you. If your normal doc can't control you you need to next doc up!

Good luck

Truly x x x


I think you might be right that I need to ask to be reffered elsewhere. This was discussed probably about a year ago but nothing ever came of it, so I think I need to push the subject again. I just feel that I am going around in very big circles.... went to my GP yesterday to get results of blood tests and mentioned my asthma is still causing problems and he changed my antihistamines as he thought they were getting less effective (asthma is partly allergy related) to a tablet that has been tried before and made no difference... joy! So will be going back to GP again in the very near future...

My user name Malawi is because I keep chiclids and eels from Lake Malawi, unfortunately would love to travel there but not possible due to health.


My trouble was hospital dr was pushing for long term pred since late 20's which I refused but been on since October 08. By that time long term damage has now been done to lungs and now needing high dose of prednisolone. Thinking if I took them earlier may have prevented the lung damage by having better control. So my advice would be to way up benefits ways side effects and ask for second opinion


Yes Malawi was lovely to visit but definitely couldn't go now. I once met a British ITU nurse who spent a year working in Malawi and she said it was an eye opening experience.

If I was you I would have a good chat with your GP (book a long appointment if you normally feel rushed) and ask for a referral to a tertiary referral centre. You need to have confidence in whoever is managing your asthma.



hi kmow the feeling im on seratide alvesco, phioicontin speriva, 2 nasal sprays and nexium plus calcium. thats at the moment now when i go back in a couple of week s they could be changed again like you the just dont no what to do with me i have to carry an epi pen with me one doc keeps telling me its post nasal drip thats causing all my problems , i was on zolair but was unlucky to have an reaction to it so like you am fed up with switching frm one to another and not having much luck .


Maintenance pred

Hi Malawi,

I'm new here but I'm on a maintenance dose of pred as my asthma was very similar to yours. If the pred is given with bisphosphonates and calcium supplements then the effect on the bone density can be limited if not cancelled out. My bone density has actually improved with the correct treatment. As others have suggested I would push for a referral to a difficult asthma consultant. My local hospital referred me on when they ran out of ideas and if you're being asked what you think would help it sounds as though they're out of ideas. Hope this helps x


Going to ask a silly question do you know what ingredients are in bisphosphonates have in them? I ask as I am allergic to sodium metasulphite... Obviously if it is in the ingredients this medication is out but if not I am wondering if this might be an idea to also suggest to the consultant...



Here's a link to the info about Bonviva (ibandronic acid), the bisphosphonate that I take.


Hope that helps x


it's not on the ingredients list for the one I take, which is alendronic acid

that's not a silly question

pol x


I've had one infusion of aclasta in oct 2008 and I was supposed to get my 2nd in oct 2009 but my calcium levels were too low. I'm on 3 calcium d3 forte tablets a day but my calcium levels are still too low! I can't eat dairy because of my asthma but I try and eat other foods high in calcium. Good luck with the meds.



Thank you for the information I am going to have a look on the web now.... Beginning to feel a little happier as just did not know what to suggest when asked at least I will have something to discuss with the consultant. I am at the point where I am willing to try almost anything to get some form of improvement.


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