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Lansoprozole / review

Since I started taking this I'm constantly hungry. Has anyone else experienced this? I mentioned it in my asthma review yesterday and the nurse didn't think it was a side effect.

Also because I wasn't wheezing (after sitting quietly in a warm waiting room) and my peak flow was OK (it was 12:00 - it's always worse first thing in the morning) she thought of course that I must be OK.

I wasn't expecting anything to be changed but I'm not OK. In fact my asthma seems to be getting worse and I'm struggling to do the basics. I can't plan meetings too close together because too much talking affects my voice and can trigger an attack. I get out of breath easily and struggle to even do the extra walking I'm trying to do (going to the gym is out of the question).

Any advice would be welcome.

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I dont have any experience with taking lansoprozole,but I can sympathise with your problems re work;it has taken about 6 years for my employers to ""get it"" as regards how unpredictable and quick my asthma can kick in,and I have had a lot of problems with talking making my asthma worse,I,ve posted on here before about having to cut telephone conversations short to throw up or to avoid throwing up!-I would suggest that you might make another asthma clinic appointment and stress a bit more how it is affecting you,I have no doubt you will probably get a bit more specific advice from some of the ""experts"" on the boards,but hope it sorts itself out.

Take Care.


I take Lansoprozole - has done wonders with regards the sickness/acid etc - so much so if I miss a dose I know it!

Can't say have an increased appetite either!

What i can say though - is that it may be worth being referred to Speech therapy - I go as I suffer the same problems as yourself and they have helped me to begin to take some control again and shown simple ways to ease the problems...

Good luck


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