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Just wondering if anyone out there is on the Symbicort SMART programme. After much consideration my chest physician decided that I might be a ""suitable candidate"" for this treatment. I am on the 200/6 inhaler and have received full instructions from my chest physician on how to use the system.

Well so far so good. I have had no side effects, but would like to know how folks are coping having been on the programme for longer than 10 days. I have read most things I have found on the topic and would appreciate any feedback, advice, help or any other general comment.



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  • Hi

    There have been a number of posts regarding this - if you put 'Symbicort Smart' into the search box you will be able to read them. Sorry can't be any more help as am not on it personally.


  • Hi

    As Sarah said this has been discussed a lot on the boards so you might find some usefull info from previous discussions.

    From a personal point of view I find it great, have been on it for about 4 months now and find that it manages my asthma better than having different inhailers mainly because you get steroid every time you use it, but im no medical expert that can explain it fully, just know that its been the best switch for me ever.

    Take care


  • Hi

    The asthma nurse at my GP surgery started me on this before christmas. I don't think i'm on any programme, she just changed my inhaler. I actually find it really good, i take 2 puffs twice a day, and have only had to go up to the maximum number of puffs within a day a few times. The trouble i have is keeping count of how many puffs i have had should i need more than my maintainance dose!!!


  • haven't logged in for a while and was looking for my previous post on Symbicort trial as have finished the trial. I too am on Symbicort SMART I have just completed a trial that they have been doing. I started Symbicort last October and had to monitor how I was. I visited 3 times in all to be assessed during the trial and all the info was fed back and will now have been sent to be correlated etc. The results I believe should be out in September (don't quote me on that tho)

    I have done very well on this haven't taken the full daily dose ever (so far). I had a viral coldy bug, a chest infection and a stinking cold duting the time (Not all at once I hasten to add) and did not have to have any extra steroids or take the full daily dose during any of them. Normally I would be off work 2-3 weeks coughing and breathless and be on prednisole (oral steroid) I occasionally have a spell of cramps in my toes and if I take several extra doses in one day get a little shaky, but that is such a small price to pay for a good relatively asthma free winter! Prednisole gives me really bad shakesd and a ravening monster in my stomach! I am all for it myself.

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