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Persistent flutter in throat and breathlessness

Hi everyone

I had asthma as a child and grew out of it by my teens. Didn't seem to have any trouble with it but just lately I've developed this flutter in my throat which makes me cough. Sometimes it feels like a rush of air like I've been winded. Sometimes it feels like theres fluff stuck in my throat which tickles and sometimes it feels like pins and needles.

I originally thought it was a palpitation as the fluttering felt very similar but I went to a and e and had an ecg, chest x ray and blood tests done and all came back clear.

My GP sent me for thyroid tests (full T3 and T4 tests) but they came back clear.

He gave me medication for reflux but that made it worse.

I'm now wondering if this could be an allergy or my asthma coming back. I feel like my chest is heavy and its difficult to breath. When I swallow sometimes its feels like its gone down the wrong way and my throat constricts. I have alot of mucus running down my throat and am constantly swallowing and clearing. When I cough its unproductive and doesn't get rid of the fluttering.

Can anyone help?

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HI Kay

It is possibly asthma again. I had those self same feelings like something in my throat and excess mucus, etc. and over many years have had a battery of tests. All of which produced absolutely nothing to report. Only last year when severe coughing with bronchitis had me almost pass out, did an emergency NHS24 doc suggest asthma and gave me a week's worth of pred plus a ventolin inhaler.

Lung function test thereafter, showed without a doubt I do have asthma - my asthma nurse surprised it had taken so long to be suggested. Guess there are many things with similar symptoms.

I'd go back to GP and maybe suggest asthma testing. If nothing else, its one more thing ticked off the list.

Best wishes,

GM xx


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