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Budesonide & nebuliser


I've been using my little omron microair to nebulise my pulmicort as I'd been advised so long as I added saline to it it would be OK. The NWLC are now querying if it is actually up to the job, the thinking being my asthma is out of control because I'm not getting the right dose. Does anyone else use pulmicort nebules? and if so what nebuliser do they use?

Many thanks


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Hey rabbit

I have nebbed pulmicort, I would never use my omron for my steroid nebs, also diluting it would take ages to go through! I have 2mg and that takes long enough without adding saline!

I think its something to do with the solution being quite thick, I suppose adding saline would make it less but as you say could be less effective.

I would stick to your normal neb not the omron and see if theres any difference.



I used to neb pulmicort in my omron microair, I didn't dilute it though. I never had any problem with it going through. I bought the omron as it specifically said it would neb steroids. It's a bit slower than my plug in big neb, but then I find it nebs all solutions slower.

Have you tried it not diluted, will that then give you the right dose?

Truly x


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