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Kenalog injections

Been having trouble with keeping my asthma under control which has been made worse by being sick therfore not keeping my steroids down. I do take additional doses if I'm sick not long after taking them. Been seen at Wythenshawe today and have been put on something called kenalog. Think the idea is there will at least be some steroid in me and should avoid being admitted back into hospital. It all happened so quick that I didn't ask all the questions that I'm now thinking off.

What is Kenalog? I know I have to go back in 6 weeks for a review and another injection. I thought I was told by the doctor to discontinue taking prednisolone but when I spoke to the nurse who gave me the injection was told to take it as normal. Also what do I do if I have a bad attack, normally I'd up the prednisolone to cope. What side effects should I be looking out for? My situation is always awkward as I don't wheeze, sats don't drop till right at the last minute and normal indicators of things getting worse aren't there because I have a faulty breathing pattern. They also mentioned going on long term antibiotics I think to help get the mucous up and stop the numerous chest infections.

Any advice would be great

Many thanks


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I know it is a anti-inflamtory steriod injection.... I think its used more for allergy's than asthma



Ive been having kenalog for my asthma this time since january, i started having 40mgs for a month each jab 2 weeks apart then 20 mgs for about 8 jabs now on 10mgs every 2 weeks.I dont absorb ordinary prednisolone and do have soluble type. Am supposed to just rely on the kenalog but when ill i have extra soluble prednisolone. Your nurse is right that you should reduce as before but its likely you may need both for a while.

It also the injectable steriod that you may have heard for joint pains.

A friend of mone has long term antibiotics , and it has reduced her infections.

Kenalog is also called triamsinolone if that helps




As with everyone reactions are different BUT please be wary with this med.... I was ok for the first couple of injections - idea being to rpevent the allergies and thus prevent the asthma attack BUT I actually ended up in a worse state after taking the med.....

Interestingly - it may just run in my family - but other members took the med also and developed reactions after the first in one case and subsequent cases in other members...

Hope it remains working for you - but remember in remains in your system for quite a while n- you need to stay away from chicken pox - lowered my immune system also and has been linked to some issues with longer term use (avascular necrosis..... see the BMJ....)

Better to be armed with all the info....

I don't usually reply to these sorts of posts as I feel it could be taken as being alarmist - but experience has taught me it is better to be aware....


Hi I was on these for about 18months in total a number of yrs back when my asthma first became brittle, yes it did help but unfortunately i developed avascular necrosis and now have major problems with my hip. Part of this was down to a dr not adequately covering me with suitable bone protection so please ensure that u are getting all you can to protect your bones and i hope it helps


I have kenalog injections ( was initially supposed to be a 3 month thing but now it's starting to look more long term), I'm also on long term pred and have been told to keep taking that aswell. I was started on it because they aren't sure wether I absorb pred either. It's a steroid- same as prednisolone.

How does this work in equivalence to prednisolone (as in what dose= what dose of pred), anybody know?



Hi Rabbit

You mention being unable to keep down your tablets - are you an any anti-emetics (anti-sickness tablets), e.g. Cyclizine? If not it may be worth mentioning it to your doctor as as you already know you won't absorb any tablets if they come back up again.

Fingers crossed the kenalog works out for you, I don't have it so am unable to offer advice on that front, sorry

Emz x


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