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Back pain

Sorry me again looking for answers. Asthma has been bad now for a few days but under control now thanks to increased pred and antibiotics.

Is it normal to have upper back pain which is worse when breathing in after an attack? I've been coughing badly so wondered if this has caused it. Its only on one side and I think my Gp has mentioned before it could be a facet joint which can be damaged by coughing but I can't remember all the info. What can I do to make it easier to breathe, particularly at night when laying down makes it feel worse?

Seems to be my time for having asthma symptoms which aren't usual for me. This site is really useful for finding out the answers to questions you always forget to ask the medics.

Many thanks


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Hello Rabbit,

Back pain in that area can be caused by coughing and or infection. coughing often causes pulled muscles etc. Sometimes it is caused by Pleurisy which can be very painfull.

Sounds very much like you have been coughing so much you have pulled a muscle or upset the rib cartilage / jointy bits ( sorry my biology isn't too hot for the human being! LOL)

But if you are concerned please check with your GP especially if it gets worse or really starts to affect your breathing. Heat can help along with the usuall pain killers that you can personally take safely. Try sleeping propped up a bit though sleeping on the unafected side may help but then your breathing may be hampered a bit if you are guarding that side and breathing less.

Hope this helps



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