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Throat problems

Having trouble with oral thrush yet again. Been on flucanazole 100mg a day for 10 weeks and also had difflam mouth rinse, nystan, and dakatarin oral gel and I still can't get rid of it. I've tried rinsing after taking my nebs and have now stopped the difflam as was told it was making it worse.

Its been so bad I was being sick and ended up in hospital for a week with dehydration and not being able to keep my prednisolone down. Am now at the end of my tether. Have been refered to ENT who have definately identified a thrush and it should repond to flucanazole. They can only suggest upping my oral steroids and stopping nebbing my budesonide. At the moment I'm still taking the flucanazole as the only alternative drugs are for flucanazole resistant thrush and my gp practice has said the drug is too expensive. (£1000 for 28 tablets) I don't even know what the drug is called or I'd try and source it myself. I'm very wary about stopping my nebbed steroids and not happy to up the pred as I've battled to get it down from 50mgs to 17.5mg over the last few weeks. I'm sure most of you have experienced the issues with reducing pred so can understand my reuctance to put them up again.

Its making me feel so sick, hurts to swallow and feel constantly under the weather. I've been put on anti sickness medication which is helping because I'm now just feeling sick and not actually being sick. Its all come at the wrong time, I've a second interview for a job tomorrow (not worked for over a year) and because it involves the manufacture of sterile medicines I can't see them taking me on. I can't lie as its common practice to take swabs at the medicals for the job.

Does anyone know anything else I can try, or been in this position?

Many thanks and apologies for the long rant


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hi rabbit

Sorry your having such a rubbish time at the moment. I too have significant problems with oral thrush but i tend to have it all the time and only take fluconazole when it really flares up or i get it in more than one site - i have had several episodes of candidaemia which is not at all pleasnt! I was on fluconazole for 6months till i finally beat it into some sort of remission im currently back on it again after it flared up again and this latest course has lasted 4 weeks already. It is a nasty one if you do get problems with it in my experience. All i can say is stick with it and if your really struggling ask them to see if it is resistant or not if they havent already. Hope the job interview goes well. Will pm you soon just been sorting all my paperwork out and its sort of taking over at the moment. Take care and speak soon lotsa lv kat Xx


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