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Apologies in advance for he essay!

I need to buy a portable nebuliser so I can continue my job. I'm lucky in that the local hospital provides me with one for use in this country but unfortunately you have to book one of the 'holiday' nebs ages in advance which isn't much use when I need to leave at short notice to go out of the country. Hospital has recommended one but their idea of portable and mine are very different, especially as I want to be able to go camping aswell this year and there often is no electric supply.

Does anyone use the Omron microair NE-22 (think this is right) to neb pulmicort and salbutamol/atrovent? This looked great as it can be run off AA batteries. I phoned Omron who said it should be OK but the steroid could cause the mesh to block faster. Not sure if I trust them as normally they haven't had to rely on them!. I would only be using it possibly a maximum of 3 weeks a year as I intend to use my other one whilst in the UK. Would be very interested to hear from anyone who has actually used it as normally pulmicort has to be put through a compressor type nebuliser and be used with a vent stream mouth part.

Many thanks


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  • From C The Rocker - Did u get my message

    Pls can u check ur emails 4 a message from me!!!! LOL

    C The Rocker xxx

  • I have a little omron and it is fantasctic

    though I onlu use ventolin nebs in it!


  • I have a little omron and it is fantasctic

    though I onlu use ventolin nebs in it!


  • Wouldnt be without my baby omron! my best buddy for making like easier!! dont know bout steroid nebs in them i just neb bricanyl and atrovent. Must say dont clean as often as should but not had no probs?

    Andrea xxxx

  • Hello Rabbit,

    I have a little Omron and its wonderful, it has transformed my life - before i had a heavy Medix neb that i had to cart around and stress looking for a socket, then i got a Sony Green portable neb. What a nightmare the Sony Green one was, i had a grand total of 5 - Maplins just kept replacing them for me. It would work for a few months and then conk - it did this to me in a village in the middle of nowhere and i ended up in hospital for 2 weeks after that quite spectacular splat. The Omron i got after that is wonderous, touch wood it has never let me down, is really light to carry and you don't have to charge it as it works from AA batteries. The only down side to it is your meant to clean it regulary - boiling parts of it or using acohol, i neb sterile water through it and wipe it but have to confess haven't boiled the mesh yet (with no ill effects to date though) In short its the best neb i've had, sorry don't know about nebbing the steroid through, just neb Atrovent and Salbutamol through mine. Good luck and happy camping!

  • Foot loose and fancy free!

    Many thanks for all your replies and e-mails. Hopefully as of tomorrow I will no longer be worried about were the nearest electric socket is. Ordered my Omron today and its meant to be here tomorrow, sounds sad but I'm really excited. Still a little bit concerned that something so little will work as well as my big neb, but I believe size doesn't always matter!.

    Have taken advice on the steroids will prolong the life if I add saline in and if I take good care of the mesh. will let you know how I get on. Can now go on County camp with my guide unit and not be looked at strangley when you have to explain you need to go back to the car to inhale from your nebuliser. Though it was meant to be the guides we didn't trust not the leadrs!

    Once again many many many thanks. I'm new to the society and to message boards so can't believe how much help everyone has given me.

    Take care


  • Hi Rabbit!

    So glad you have opted for the baby omron!

    One way I use for cleaning the mesh is plonking it in steredent! ( yes the stuff you soak false teeth in!) I have a tiny jug 100ml one, put in mesh, very warm water and the steredent! It fizzes away, leave for 30 mins or so then rinse well!

    Happy Camping!


  • I have an omron too, also after the advice of everyone here. I don't know about everyone else but i find i get a little more powerful nebbing when i have it mains attached rather than battery. It's v handy and small and great for when out and about.

  • Thanks for the Steradent tip Kate, will do that with my poor neglected mesh, was nervous of boiling it - in case it melted. Its very precious to me now, its given me a new freedom and i was scared to damage it, thanks, Lois

  • Additional info over cleaning


    Still waiting for the baby Omrom to arrive but have come across some additional info on how to clean it.

    If you're interested there is a section on the Bear Street Pharmacy website which gives detailed instructions (in addition to the ones you apparantly get with it) on how to clean it. Even includes a bit on how to clean it in a dishwasher!

    Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow

    Take care and once again thanks for everyones help


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