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Leg cramps

Can anyone tell me if its normal to have cramp in your calves when you are coming down off pred?. Been on a higher dose than usual and have gradually been reducing by 5mgs every 3 days until I got down to 10mgs. Was ok until then and now the only thing which has changed was salbutamol nebs increased to 3 a day on a higher strength.

Are the cramps common, and does anyone know what I can do to relieve them?

Many thanks


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Cramps are more likely to be from the nebs. I havent noticed cramps from lack of pred before.

I recomend bananas as they are a good source of potassium (Kiwis & oranges too) as the cramps are often caused by low potassium levels from the ventolin. You can ask your GP for a test to see how low it is.

Hope this helps Rabbit!



Hi Rabbit

From my experience, I agree with Kate here. The more salbutamol I take, the more I suffer from cramp - and not just legs. I was going to bump up previous trains on the same subject, but there are just too many. Try just typing ""Cramp"" on the search here and it will bring up loads of postings on the subject for you.

As for helping to relieve them - apart from a regular supply bananas, which do seem to help, I have tried swearing a lot, but it does not seem to make any difference! :)



My GP and the nurse I saw the other day never told me about bananas! I'm getting cramp in my feet which is horrible because walking round (which helps leg cramps) is very painful.


Doesn't fresh tomato juice have potassium too or is that something else can't remember!



Thank god someone is suffering same as me,except i get Leg,and Foot cramps,on a reg basis....i was told that all steroid Medication causes cramps,,,and drink Tonic Water.and if yr lucky {unlike me}get Quinine Tabs from the Dr}....Tonic Water is nicer....Be warned only Schwepps seams 2 work for me...Good Luck..Cass.xx


I suffer from arthritis but lately my ankles and feet have started hurting could this be due to me starting atrovent nebs on top of my salbutamol nebs I have to take 4 times daily it would be a relif to know its not my arthritis xx


You would need to drink 150 cans of tonic water to get to the same amounts as you get in a tablet, not recommended. Tomato juice, bananas and baked potatos in their skins are full of potassium and I would try one of the above a day extra and see if it helps. If you are nebbing more then you might need to increase to an extra couple of portions.



Thank heavens! I've been getting cramps in my calves and my feet for no obvious reason and couldn't work out why! More Banana's it is then!


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