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Painful back


Has anyone else had back ache associated with their asthma? My asthma has been out of control for a couple of months now but I started to get alot of pain on the right side last week. Peak flow is lower than normal (@75%) but fairly constant. Increasing my nebs helped but on the advice of the respiratory nurse saw my doctor yesterday. Turns out I've damaged a couple of facet joints in my back probably from coughing although I don't remember doing anything that strenuous. Am happier 'cause I know why I'm in so much pain but a bit stuck as can't have anti-inflammatory tablets due to allergies so having to try and struggle on with just pain killers.

Having trouble breathing 'normally' and am a bit worried as I'm struggling to cough the 'crap' off my lungs so concerned may end up with an infection again. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get this 'crap ' up without having to cough too much.

Has anyone else had this sort of problem?, seems pretty drastic considering I just coughed!.

Many thanks


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Prehaps ask your dr to refer to a physio who can advise on breathing exercises to clear gunk without coughing. They would also be able to offer advise on pain management and exercises for your facet joints. Have you tried a tens machine and even ice pack in a towel on the sore bits every couple of hours can help. Gentle deep breathing, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth about 5 times and then a couple of huffs like trying to blow out candles can clear gunk without lots of coughing. Hope this helps and you feel better soon.

I have problems with gunky lungs as i have had lots of infections and also have back problems due to an old injury so know how difficult it can be.


An itu and post op tip!!

Get a blanket or towel and wrap around yourself and where two bits cross over at front pull tight when coughung, it supports you as you do, works wonder for me when infected as have be carefull as like yesterday coughing fit and cracked my rib!! ouch not the word.

All otherthings mentioned by seahorse hlep too aswell as regular paracetamol and it can tollerate anti inflammatories.

Good luck

Love Andrea xxx


Thank you

Thanks for your tips and advice. Back is much less painful but still having trouble coughing or taking a deep breath. Seeing consultant on Thursday so will ask about possible referal for physio.

Take care



Be careful you haven't got pneumonia, that can also cause back pain!!!


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