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Should the pred have given me more improvement?

Hi Everyone, this is going to be a long post!

I should be on Seretide 125 2 puffs twice daily and Salbutamol PRN. I'm hopeless at remembering to take my preventer and usually 'get away with it'

However, I got an cold in early December which caused an exacerbation; but again I got away with it by having lots of salbutamol. Mid Devember I got another cold, wasn't as bad as the first but I was left with a bad cough at night - I knew this was a sign of deteriorating control but didn't act upon it.

Got another cold about 2 weeks ago which was awful. My best PF is 574 and it dropped to 310, and only improved to 350 with Salbutamol, which wasn't lasting the full 4 hours. Was 380 when GP saw me.

I finally went to GP who gave me Prednisolone 30mg/day for 5 days) which is now finished, but although my PF has been upto 460 it is now down to 390 again. Cough hasn't gone and I'm starting to feel tight again. However, I don't feel as bad as when I went to GP.

Have doubled up on Seretide (as advised by GP) I'm never keen on this due to the Salmeterol content and queried the advice as I thought you couldn't do this!

I have made an appointment with the asthma nurse for 2 weeks time as I would like to develop a self management plan (had one years ago and it worked really well)

I've never had Prednisolone before (been offered it twice but refused) What sort of improvement should I expect, how long does it last? Is it usual for Asthma to get worse as soon as it's finished?


P.S. I am now very motivated to sort out my Asthma and understand fully that I need to maintain compliance to stop feeling this bad again.

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Hello hb

So sorry you are having a tough time of it, am in a similar boat but not on Pred, and am on different inhalers. Just wanted to say I sympathise! If you are worried then call the surgery perhaps the nurse would see you earlier?

Hope you feel better soon x


Hi. I tend to get a 10 day course of Pred. during which the improvement is noticeable. I'd second the go and see your GP/nurse. xx


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