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What else can I try - Now on 4th lot of Pred this year

Hi Everyone

In the first part of the year I wasn't terribly compliant but since August this year my compliance and home monitoring has been excellent!

I'm currently on Seretide 125 (2 puffs twice daily) this didn't give full control so in September I started Montelukast. This helped reduce the variability in my peak flow!

In the last 10 days I've had a cold which is a really potent trigger for me and over the weekend started yet another course of Prednisolone. (I had one course in February, 2 in August and now this is the fourth) I've managed to avoid being admitted to hospital.

I've seen the astham nurse twice at my GP surgery and don't find it useful at all, I don't have a self management plan and am left in the dark about how to manage when I start with an exacerbation.

Anyone got any ideas about other suitable medications I could try, should I be asking for a referral to a hospital based asthma service?

Any ideas greatfully received!

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