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Not improving as much as I should

Hi Everyone

Just a quick query as I don't seem to be improving as much as I normally do after an exacerbation.

I got a cold on the 5th March and immediately doubled my Seretide, but on the 15th March I needed to start a 5 day course of Pred.

On the 17th and 18th I was admitted to A & E and given nebs and 7 days of antibiotics as they thought I may have a chest infection.

Steroids finished on the 19th but were restarted by my GP on the 21st, my last dose will be tomorrow! I'm still on double Seretide

I am lots better but I'm still having some problems. I've got a productive cough, am still needing Salbutamol although I'm needing lots less and my peak flow has not returned to normal. (My best is 480, I normally get 450-460 and currently I'm sitting around 390-410)

Just after some advice really, normally I feel loads better after a few days Pred but this time has been very different!


Just after some

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If you don't feel well enough to start decreasing any of your meds a visit back to the GP is the best course of action. Though it would appear that you have been unwell for several weeks so it is also to be expected that getting back on top will take at least a similar amount of time.


i'd suggest going back to your asthma nurse/GP. there may be something more they can do.

i've had something very similar recently, only about 10 days earlier. my asthma nurse/gp have been great and seen me every week since chest infection. they were keen to see my peak flow/ventolin diary and as a result doubled meds and extended 2nd course of pred so that since friday my peak flow has finally been getting above 410 and less up and down (best 480, norm 460) and not needing as much ventolin. Guess it just takes a while sometimes to get it sorted, but you may need some extra meds to do it.

hope you're feeling better soon, lou


I agree that you need another GP visit, and to see about continuing the meds you're on until things are back to normal / optimal level. Sometimes we just need that extra little bit of help. Also I don't know if the pollen/heat affects you, but it has been quite unseasonal weather (hot) where I live this week, and maybe that is contributing to things too. I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks everyone!

Thankfully I'm now seeing some signs of improvement. Peak flow is on the way up and Salbutamol use is on the way down.

I've also managed a swim and a gym visit.

I've got to see the GP later this week, had my last dose of Prednisolone today so will see how things go.

Hoping they've got the letters from my ED/Costa visit regarding referring me to the hospital Asthma clinic as I think there is room to optimise things and plan better for when things get bad!


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