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Rescue Prednisolone at home?


I'm currently on Seretide (125) 2 puffs twice a day, Montelukast 10mg and Salbutamol when required.

One of the worst triggers for me is getting colds. I've tried doubling the Seretide or just using a separate Flixotide inhaler to increase the steroid component but I still run into problems. I don't have a written plan although I've asked for one quite a few times.

In 2010 I had 4 rescue courses of Pred in 7 months, only one course in 2011 and have just had the first course of 2012.

I wonder if it's worth asking for a few days of Pred to keep at home, start when I get a problem and then ring the GP ASAP for a review.

What do you think? Do any of you do this? Does it work well?


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It could be worth asking about keeping some prednisolone at home, many people here may have some if in a similar situation asthma wise. I have it on repeat now after several courses last year. I have been ok since starting atrovent which is a bit old fashioned hence not all docs like trying it. There is Seretide 250 evohaler and accuhaler if that's easier for you too.

Have you seen the action plan from Asthma UK? If not, have a look under 'All about asthma > Publications' to order for free. I did this after also having problems getting one and basically wrote up my own after asking GP/asthma nurse about what to do. I think some may be reluctant to commit the time to sit down and write one out?


Hi hb!

I have rescue steroids and antibiotics at home and in my handbag (after consultant pointed out that not having them on me wqs a bit daft).

I have these as I can always tell when I've got the start of a chest infection and the quicker I start them the lest likely I am to end up in a&e.

Its definitely worth asking as not having to wait to see your gp when you are struggling can make a huge difference.


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