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What to do now

Hi Everyone

I'm struggling a bit at the moment.

I had colds last October, November and December! I needed oral Steroids in October but that was the only time I had them in 2011.

In the new year I felt like I'd got a constant cold and the Asthma was playing up, especially in the mornings. My GP thought I might have developed Rhinitis and gave me Beconase nasal spray. This seemed to have made some difference.

At the beginning of the month I got another cold. I doubled my Seretide, and after one week needed Prednisolone. Days 3 and 4 of Pred I was in my local ED as was still tight and apparently had poor air entry. Luckily I responsed well to Salbutamol and Atrovent nebs and am now on antibiotics as ED felt I might have got a chest infection.

My steroids have now finished although I'm still on antibiotics. I feel better but my peak flow hasn't improved as much as I thought it would and Im still needing Salbutamol.

This weekend was the first time I needed treatment in ED so have been a bit scared by that, not helped by conflicting/poor advice that I've had in the past including being told to double Seretide (even though I know this is no longer recommended) and not needing Steroids as I wasn't wheezy even though I was having lots of symptoms and poor peak flow readings.

ED did suggest I might need a referral to the hospital asthma team, but couldn't refer me themselves and I will need my GP to make the referral. I've asked several times for a written plan but don't have one.

Anyone else been in the same position? How did you deal with it? Can you offer me advice?


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Sorry to hear you're struggling - saw your post on spending time in A&E on the Costa thread but hadn't realised it was the first time! I've not yet gone there (I have no idea if I ever should have done but am still here) so can see it's a scary landmark.

I'd book an appt to go and see your GP. I think it's advised anyway if you've needed A&E, plus you need to discuss all this with them and probably discuss the referral - the ED might well have sent them something but probably good to see them anyway to go through it all and give you some proper advice about preventers etc. It sounds like you're maybe not so happy with the GP you've been seeing; could you try another GP in the practice?

I'd also ring the asthma nurses on here before you go to the GP - I imagine they'd be able to clear up the confusion about Seretide and advise you esp if you're not sure what the GP's going to say - having some additional 'official' advice can be good.

Good luck and let us know how you get on - hope the referral comes through soon and your GP does what the ED suggested.


I actually went back to see the GP today, mainly as I'm not feeling much better although the Prednisolone has finished.

It's really difficult to see the same GP but the one I saw listened to my chest and could still hear wheeze. My peak flow hasn't improved much and I'm still needing Salbutamol so I've been restarted on 7 days Prednisolone.

He did agree that I'd had some bad advice in the past and re-iterated that I must be seen as soon as I get unwell, so that was positive! He's also given me an emergency supply of Pred in case I get unwell over the weekend. He also agreed that it's possible to be poorly and not wheeze!! This is how I was in ED at the weekend, no wheeze but not much air entry either!

Just got to wait now until I start to feel better, which I hope is soon!


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