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Frustrated with GP

Hi Everyone

I'm aksing for advice and useful information.

I had a cold about 10 days ago which caused my asthma to worsen, more coughing, shortness of breath, falling peak flows. I saw a GP who advised me to double my inhaled steroids (I'm on Seretide Accuhaler 250) so have been having 2 puffs twice a day, rather than the usual one. Also got told to have four hourly Salbutamol.

I've been doing that for a week and in fact I'm no better. I still am having lots of coughing episodes which are waking me from sleep. I then get short of breath, wheeze and cough up lots of sputum. If I take more Salbutamol things improve for a short time.

I went to GP with the expectation that I might need some Pred to regain control. I was told that I wasn't wheezy then and therfore no Pred was required. GP agreed things were not controlled and told me this was because I had a cold.

This is so frustrating. I know things are not right and I shouldn't be having so many symptoms and that I need to get control back.

Any top tips? Anyone else have problems but no wheeze?

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No wheeze is a longstanding issue on here, if you do a search you will find several posts on it. Have you got an action plan? If not ask your asthma nurse at the practice or order from Asthma UK.

Need for prednisolone tends to be based not just on wheezing as many people don't but how often you need ventolin/have symptoms/manage normal activities/peakflow below 60% of best, so can see why you're frustrated. Yes colds can make it worse. Did the GP just tell you to keep taking what you already were?

Good luck and go back to see someone else soon if you still need to


I'd go back if you're struggling - colds can make you lose control obviously but it still needs sorting, seems a bit pointless for the GP to say you're struggling because you have a cold as you know why, you just need help with sorting it! Maybe see a different GP in the practice if you can as that one's being useless?

I'm also one of the non-wheezers (don't think anyone has ever heard one, and they don't usually pay attention even when I warn them in advance that they're not going to hear any wheezing - only ever had one dr comment on airflow.) I'm just generally a bit weird - have been losing the partial control I had over the last week and so have an asthma review/flu jab with the nurse tomorrow - really dreading it not because of the jab but because I want to stop feeling rubbish, as you do, and am worried I""ll get an unhelpful 'standard' response like you have.

Sorry I don't really have any helpful suggestions but would also love to know how to deal with this! Finding a helpful GP or asthma nurse is the only thing I can advise really and that's easier said than done...good luck though and let us know how you get on!


I as well have the its not asthma your not whezeing thing.

are the plans any good?

I have luckily found an asthma nurse with deaf awareness skills



I think the fact that you are not wheezing should not detract from a GP taking into consideration that your Asthma is still being affected. I sometimes am a non wheezer but thankfully due to my brittle asthma I am listened too. I would see a different GP and seek a second opinion ASAP. In the first instance your GP did do the right thing increasing your inhaled steriod, but since it has had no effect your asthma management does need to be stepped up. If in the meantime you feel unwell, please don't hesitate in going to your local A & E. Otherwise first thing I would seek advice from your out of hours GP service or attend a walk in centre if your local offers such a service.



Just a little update.

After another bad night of bad symptoms I went to the local walk in centre. They have given me 5 days of Prednisolone so I am hoping that I start to feel better soon.

Thanks fo all your help and advice.


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