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METHOTREXATE - any advice please

The hospital want me to try methotrxate to see if it can reduce my dependance on steriods. I already have oestoporosis as a result of steriod use.

The consultant has explained about the sige effects of mexthotrexate and is leaving the decsion to me about wheiher I take it or not.

My biggest worry is the risk of increased infections as I already have poor lung function npw even when well.

Any advice

Geordie lass

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not heard of this medication before, but if you want to see all the info relating to it that your GP gets then look here


re METHOTREXATE - any advice please


Many many thanks for the information you sent. It is rather scary but very useful. I have printed of a copy and can now really discuss this with my consultant.

Thanks again

jane (geordie)


Hiya, have you tried searching on this website for info on Methotrexate as I know this has been discussed before.

Hope it helps xx


RBH put me on Methotrexate about 6 months ago. Its a bit of a pain having blood tests every week to start with but is essential I was told. Sadly it didn't do anything for me and when I started to get a few minor problems they thought it wasn't worth continuing with it. After that i had the tests to see if I was fit enough to try Cyclosporin. I wasn't. They have almost given up on me now and said to just keep on with the self med of Pred - 20mg at the mo plus all the usual stuff and nebs. I'm down to trial IG13L ( Is that right ? ) sometime soon so I hope I have better luck there.


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