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Strange phenomenon?!?!?!? And a warning to pace yourself!

I have been in bed on and off since Feb with asthma from hell !!!!!! However this monday I felt FAB :) I went back to work fighting fit, did my full 8 hours everyone saying how well I looked etc etc. Then yesterday was fine, again 8 hours, including a heavy tuck shop run. In the evening went and picked up a sofa and did some lugging of heavy stuff.... Didnt pay any attention to it, took my usual millions of meds and went to bed only to wake up at 4am with screaming lungs and the inability to breathe ! ANYWAY, My question is, yes, I obviously overdid it but why did it take so long to come out? I didn't touch/inhale any allergens to my knowledge and I feel so stupid not having proceeded with a bit more caution (just got a bit over excited at feeling normal again) cuz here I am stuck back in bed :(

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This has been discussed before by myself and woody som. My consultant said sometimes asthma symtoms do not appear at the time of the activity but a few hours later, infact this is quite common. This i am experiencing today, i walked around a stadium today up and down stairs etc and 8 hours later the asthma symptoms have appeared and i am requiring my reliever.

You hvae to learn not to do too much otherwise you will pay for it later on. I have had to learn this.

Today was an accident for me i didnt realise how many stairs are in a stadium and that there would be no lift. Oops!

Please be care ful and if you do lots in a day expect little sleep and lots of symptoms if that is the kind of asthma you have.

HOpe that helps you to know you are not alone



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