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Hi everyone

I'm in hospital AGAIN- two trips to ITU in one week! now on IV salbutamol and IV methypred

I'm going to ask my consultant to refere me to RBH as it seems most of you brittles go there- who is the best consultant to be refered to ????????? and how lon did it take from referal to get your first appointment????

I've asked sudcut brycanyl but my consultant is not keen,,,,,,,,,it did take him a year to consider xolair- but I got it eventually and it's worked (a little) so I'm not giving up on that one either


Truly x x x x

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Sorry - can't help with your questions but will be very interested to read everyones replies as my docs are considering a referral to RBH as well.

Maybe see you there! LoL!


heartlands is closer to you they have a severe and brittle asthma unit


Thanks bizkid. Is heartlands as good??? When I lost asked my consultant to refere me to a specialist he sente to glenfield at Leicester to their brittle asthma clinic but they weren't that helpful.

Thanks Truly x x x


Umm At the moment I am not to keen as not a textbook asthmatic and have a complex case with lots of conditions causing similar symptoms...... good at getting the latest drugs though and what I heard more willing to try new things than glenfield.

The asthma nurses are lovely and if you travel a long way like I do they try get you to do as much as they can as a inpatient and conbine appointments. They have good links if you could have VCD or acid reflux or sleep apnoea and picking up on these


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