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Is there an Alternative to Conventional Meds?

Hi guys,

I’ve been reading about some alternative remedies/therapies used to treat asthma.

Although reliant upon some ‘heavy duty’ conventional meds, I’ve always been interested and take, some alternative therapies to help either reduce ‘heavy duty’ meds, or maybe replace self same meds.

Two therapies I read about today include:-

Cordycepts – a rare caterpillar fungus that could help balance immune responses in the bronchial tubes and open up airways?!

CoQ10 a ‘nutrient’ that has been used to reduce steroid dependency.( I know about this therapy in relation to improving exercise performance but not asthma)

Both treatments are able to be taken alongside with antibiotics and steroids.

Does anyone have experience of these therapies, and, more importantly, beneficial outcomes ?

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Alternate nostril breathing (anb) opens up the lungs despite asthma. The nostrils are closed in turn with the fingers, but any fingering of the nose - or lips - also dilates the lung airways by a reflex.

So sniff loudly and sharply to get a natural asthma cure by this nose reflex. See "strelnikova reduce asthma" on the internet.



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