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'Has anyone here got COPD? Is it related to ASTHMA?


Can you develop COPD even if you don't smoke? I know you can get it if you smoke.

Can you get COPD if you are around someone that smokes & you breath it in?

( Ref quote from Cutelady and taken from the Camping Thread)

Cutelady asked for some info about COPD and asthma so I have started this thread on the medical forum.

Hi Cutelady,

In answer to your questions I have mild COPD along with severe atopic asthma and eczema, and have never smoked.

Some doctors define COPD as a group of slowly progressive respiratory conditions resulting from long-term exposure to irritants such as smoking, workplace irritants and air pollution.These respiratory conditions include chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Emphysema can also be inherited via a genetic marker, and confirmed by a blood test.

COPD is characterised by airflow obstruction that does not fully reverse and is associated with infective episodes especially in the winter months.

The feature which differentiates COPD from asthma is that in asthma the airflow obstruction (and as a result the symptoms and lung function) varies, whereas in COPD the airflow obstruction is usually irreversible with little change in either symptoms or lung function between days.

People with chronic bronchitis have a persistent cough which produces phlegm every day. Those people with emphysema have breathlessness as the dominant symptom.

Many people with COPD have an ‘asthmatic element’ to their condition and will respond to bronchodilator therapies. Sadly these sorts of reliever inhalers will give only short term relief from symptoms such as breathlessness, but will not improve lung function.

Some doctors also include long term severe asthma under the COPD umbrella, based upon lung function tests, X rays and CT scans between a one or two month trial of various therapies to include inhaled or oral steroids, long acting beta agonist drugs, short acting bronchodilators and other drugs such as the anti –cholinergic ones, and theophylline, to name only a few.

The jury re doctors’ opinion concerning whether or not one can develop COPD via passive smoking is definitely out on this issue. Some cynics would argue that the tobacco companies would DEFINITELY go out of business if doctors were to confirm the fact that their patient had developed COPD as a result of passive smoking.

My personal opinion is that passive smoking, although a major irritant, does not in itself cause asthma or COPD. There are many other factors to consider, for example inherited or genetic traits, lifestyle, the environment and so on.

The epigenetic theory is also worth exploring as a ‘vehicle’ if you like concerning the links between environmental and genetic explanations of why some people, but not all, will develop conditions such as asthma and COPD, when and if exposed to the same or similar conditions.



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Sorry to read u have mild COPD.

Thank you so much Mia for the very informative reply to my post I appreciate it now I understand more about it.

Why I thought I would post about ASTHMA & COPD it's just because I've been coughing most times during the day's and night sounds chesty & congested & 1 time phlegm came up. I've tried to do 30mins walking 2wks ago was fine then, now can only do it for about 15mins i'm becoming breathless again even though i use my puffer before walking. Am starting to think maybe I might be out of condition as i'm not fit.

I've been having chest tightness & chest pain on & off during the days worse at night with slight wheezing & throat feels it's closing. MY PF is still ok hasn't dropped to much. I DON'T SMOKE.

Thought I might've been developing COPD that's why I wanted more info on SYMPTOMS. I see specialist 26 April



COPD is a very complex unbrella term used in the respiratory world, as Mia has said there are many variations and as ususal with medical things many different opnions on the subject even between the consultants. If you have any concenrs the person who is in the best postion to help you is a your respiratory consultant.

Asthma can casue a cough and mucus production jsut as other chest problems so may be nothing to worry about but the best thing to do is get it checked out.


Hi Cutelady,

Sorry to hear about your chest probs.

Mia & Speedy have as always given you excellent info re COPD & Asthma.

If you want more info, you can find it on

Go to Diseases then click on the first letter of the oneyou want to look at

(ie.,C for COPD; A for Asthma), and you'll find more info that might help you there.

Hope things improve for you soon.

Take care.




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