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Sore spots on lungs

I know this is probably an odd question. But doesnt anyone reguarlyly feel like they have sore spots on their lungs? If sodo you know what causes them? They feel like they are in different places each time and i dont always feel terribly ill each time it happens. Sometimes it progresses to full infection other times it just stays sore and then settles. Is this a specific symptom of a lung disease or common in all asthmatics?

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I get patches that feel painfull but it is usually due to infection and probably due to a pulled or twanged muscle or intercostal bit. Sometimes it is a pleuritic pain in one place too.

Perhaps it is gunge in the alveoli??



I think your right Kate it isnt muscular more pleuritic or inside the lung.


I also get sore patches, which does seem to be linked as you say to potential infections or sometimes just achy.

I now sleep on a magnetic matress which has stopped me waking up with what I can only describe as achy lungs in the morning.

the pluritic pain is dreadfull.

reassuring to hear similar symptoms - not tah I wish anyone to be in pain!

take care



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