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GORD/GERD/ acid reflux disease

Hi All,

I thought i would post this here partly as a warning. If you have acid reflux and are on a Proton pump inhibitor like esomeprazole and still having big problems please get tested by requesting a PH study. I previously have had an endoscope which didnt pick up the problem. Now i have had the PH study as you read on you will see why it is so important not to ignore the situation as i have.

I have all the results which have been a bit of a shock.

Menzes Gow words were at the time of doing the tests i dont have Asthma, But that doesnt mena there isnt another respiratory condition or what he called underlying asthma.

All my results were fine exceptmy PH study. Whish he said showed the most severe GORD or acid reflux he had seen. The main problem is i am on maximum Eosmeprazole and have been for over a year. I still cant eat or drink many foods which cause acid. He has blantantly told me he is 100% certain i need surgery to help the problem. He has also told he there is a strong chance my lungs, heart, throat, nose and ears could be damaged from the acid. We wont know if this is the case until after the surgery. I didnt realise that post nasal drip, ear problems, sinus, larangytis, breathing problems could all be caused by acid reflux. I have subsequently found out in severe cases the lining of the oesaphagus can be damaged and replaced by tissue similar to that that lines the bowel opening you up to cancer. I have also found out this has happened to my uncle and i didnt connect the two. As you can imagine surgery is not something i particularly want o be thinking about especially as i have bladder surgery which i have been putting off for a couple of years, and possible back surgery lined up also.

Thank you for your support if any of you have had any experience in this area i would love to discuss it further.

Big hugs to all


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came across this just now and is quite a good explanation of what goes wrong, but also useful measures to tackle it.


Hi Louise

In November last year I had anti-reflux surgery and consider its the best thing I have done for a long time. I was on double dose ppi's, sucralfacate 10mg at night, ranitidine 300mg at night and gaviscon tablets and liquid 4 times a day and when required and still suffering reflux which caused major asthma attacks requiring admission. The surgery was performed laproscopically and I was home the following morning with no complications, though the surgeon did say my stomach was badly scarred from the acid. Then I followed a liquid and semi-solid diet for 5 weeks after which I started eating normally. I have stopped all meds except 30mg of Lansoprozole which I take to protect my stomach as I am taking a NSAID for arthritis. I have had no reflux symptoms since and my asthma has also improved and as a side effect of surgery I have lost a little weight from the liquid diet which in my case was not a bad thing. If you want to know anything else just ask or pm me.



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