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flu jab reaction (not swine)

hi my wife has had her routine flu jab thurs normally just gets sore arm but this time its kicked astma out have done normal stuff steam loads of ventolin etc had to go to out of hours doc fri get nebd and now on pred since fri night ,now sunday not much better ,any one know how long a reaction might be likely to last?im a bit surprised that this has happened is it common?also wondering about wether she should have swine jab when it comes.paul

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hi Paul,think would be best talk to the nurse when the swine flu jabs start.The weather it causing alot of asthma people probs and could just have flared up without the jab but yes would make you think twice about having the jab just incase, we all need more info from our GP to help us decide for our selves.

IT's a new jab and hope we might here some info on here how people have gone on with the jab.

Love Glynis xxxx good luck xxxx


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