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i've just came out of costa and why i was there this time i had an allergic reaction to something,they stopped all my new medication as they said they think one of them had caused it,but not sure which one.they gave me some antihistamines to have 4 times a day for the next couple of days and then said just take them if i need to after that.(i know this sounds stupid)i didnt know i was having an allergic reaction at the time-i just thought it was asthma and my eyes where sore from being tired and painkillers.although i still dont know why i didnt say anything when i could feel my throat swelling!

i feel stupid and a little scared for not noticing it before,i would feel even more stupid if it happen again and i didnt do something straight away,as they said i should of told them straight away! silly me for not knowing!

hugs love

mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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i guess you've learnt your lesson! Allergies suck, and I hate them. I have had food allergies all my life, and now they seem to have worsened. I have bad reactions by even being in the same room or near people that eat the food im allergic to. I used to only get itchy, and now i turn red and my asthma gets bad, JUST from being around it, and it is kind of difficult to avoid, especially in school.

I hope you sort out your allergies. Have you ever been allergy tested? That would probably be a good idea, so that you dont have to learn what you are allergic to the hard way.


Sorry you have had a bad time Mel. It is often the 2nd or 3rd contact with something that causes a reaction. Now you knoww the symptoms you will provbably recognize it a lot quicker next time and take an antihistamine straight away. I assume they gave you piriton (chlorphenamine) or something similar if you have to take them 4 times a day for a couple of days. If you are ever aware of a reaction starting chew the piriton so that most is absorbed in your mouth - it works a lot quicker that way and may be able to stop the reaction becoming too serious. Be aware that it is quite common for someone with allergies to keep adding others to the list over the years. Mine started with one thing at the age of 5 + 2 intolerances and now is a huge list which has been added to twice this year.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

love Ange xx


thanks a lot for your reply Haagendaz and ange.

i've also spoke to someone about it today and are feeling abit better about it all.

i think i might be more aware of things from now on and be safer rather than sorry :-)

thanks a lot

love and hugs

mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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