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Asthma and Anemia - Anyone knowledgeable on the two?

Hello everyone! I am a lifelong asthmatic and suffer from bouts of anemia at times. Does the asthma cause the anemia? I recently went to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor. He told me that the reason my asthma was acting up was due to a blood deficiency. He said that my blood was too dry from my asthma and had a hard time circulating; and therefore causing my 2:00 to 4:30 am onset of asthma symptoms (difficulty breathing, hacking up mucous and inability to sleep) until I physically got out of bed and began moving around. Also having cold hands and feet as well as random spells of heat and coldness.

Does this make sense? Do you know anything more? All of your answers are really appreciated :)

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There isnt a known link, though I know when been badly deficient my asthma plays up as i get tired and out of breath and the brethlessness then upsets the asthma.


I have been treated for anaemia a few times over the years. Lack of iron in the blood slows down the movement of oxygen around the body, so might worsen asthma. A course of iron tablets sorts me out.


ive never heard of it being linked but im on iron tablets at the minute after a recent blood test. im all for alternative medicine but i would be careful mixing medication x


I'm afraid I'm not convinced by your TCM doctor. The 2am - 4:30am dip you have is very common in astmatics, known to be caused by your natural steroid levels being at their lowest at this point in the day.

I have anaemia which in a very elongated way now appears to be linked to my asthma in that in me the anaemia has something to do with some chemical thingy in my body not being able to manage my blood correctly because of my adrenal failure - and this is linked to my asthma through long-term steroid use. So yes linked, but not directly (it was more complex than that - I didn't really understand the doc!!)


I don't know about a link but I am also on iron tablets and it is interesting to read that several other people are as well.


It could be somthing to do with medications I am on high dose lans to control acid reflux setting of my asthma and to proctect stomach from allot of steriods and Lans stops the breakdown of b12 so therfore have to take b12 tablets, some uni proff told me when he was going through my meds list with some student doctors so havent found what could be causes my chronic aneamia. I seem to do 3 months on tablets and then within a month back on them so given up and taking just one a day.

Also if HB is low means there is less cells for the oxygen to bind to go around the body, though by this stage usually need blood!


I am also anaemic and have been on high dose ferrous fumerate for nearly 3 yrs - i have had numerous tests and investigations to try and discover the cause(not got heavy periods either) but nothing has come to light.

I was basically told that as i have long term chronic illnesses that has a knock on effect and i have been diagnosed with Anaemia of Chronic disease. I have had to have a few blood transfusions over the years but now seem to be able to keep my Hb between 10.2-10.6 unless im actuely ill when it normally drops to between 7.8-10.

Im afreaid despite being very open to complementary medicine that i totally agree with Ratty and the comment about the dip during the night being common to asth,atics -not what yr other practitioner says


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