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Subcut bricanyl hmmmmm

hey peeps

I'm just wondering I'm in hospital at the moment been here nearly 3 weeks, im having great difficulty getting off iv aminophylline usually by now im off and nearly home, well today i'VE been started on subcut bricanyl in the hopes that I can be weaned off the amino without deteriorating again like last week.

Just wondering if anyone else has been put on subcut this way?? I tried it once b4 but had serious palpatations so was stopped but i wasnt unwell then like I am now. Its frustrating because I dont know weather I will have to stay on it or if that can also be weaned off, sorry if this makes no sense im a bit confused. Also my con really didnt wanna try it again because he said my pf wasnt variable enough????? the pharmacist persauded him into the subcut becasue she said I cant sit here forever on the iv amino, hes the kind of doc who would just leave me sitting here on it, and saying there was nothing else to try! and convincing himself this was how long i always take to get better!

Also how long does it take to work???

oh well sorry for the ramble im bored too


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Hello Clare,

Sorry your in again.

I was started on s/c Bricanyl back in 1994 because I was ending up on IV ventolin for 2-3 weeks at a time. Ventolin & Aminophyline are two different types of drugs though do similar things. eg open up the lungs.

I can't really comment on dosages as each person is different.

s/c should kick in fairly quickly - over a few hours, and then you can wheen down the amo at whatever pace the doc suggests.

When you are on s/c only you can wheen down slowly when you are stable over a couple of days depending on what dosage you are on.

As I say, each person reacts differently. When I start back on s/c ( I use ventolin instead and on an as & when basis) I find it can take a good few hours but when changing over from IV ventolin, I don't notice that much and nothing a neb or 2 won't sort out.

palpitations may increase on both but will lesten once the amo is off hopefully.

I do hope it works for you. being off an IV, more mobile and also home will help you generally and then you can try to wheen off it if that is what your doc suggests.

Sorry for being a bit vague!

Take care




Hey kate thanks for the reply,

dealing with palpatations at the mo, but used to them! and the shakes not had such bad shakes before though! hoping to start weaning amino off tomorrow, ive noticed a slight improvement in that not feeling as tight and the nurse said to me earlier im talking more lol!

How long can i expect the palpataions to last??? i know it probably differs between everyone!


little rant

So far subcut has made quite a difference in that I can breath, but that may not be for long if my heart rate dosn't settle the palpatationa have gone. It's not bothering me at all but is an obvious concern to the nurses its been between 120-150 since monday morning. I had an ecg which was fine so its just the tachycardia grrrrrrrrrrr fingers crossed it settles!


Hi Clare,

see if it settles down a bit - it can take a few days to calm down. On IV mine is often 130! S/C often 120 but drops to a manageable 90 ish.

Are you off the ammo?

I hope it all works and you can escape!

Take care




hey kate thanks for the reply :)

heart rate is finally starting to settle yay! its now between 100-110, well thats if i keep still and dont move! amino has slowly been weaned down since monday and hopefully should be stopped today when con comes round, cause the other docs are to scared to say stop it! its going ok, lungs sort of behaving no major splattyness! I'm unsure if ill be going home on it yet, if not think ill be here for quite a while, ill ask con wat plans are later. they only have one other person on subcut here so maybe ill be the second!

I'm suppose to be starting my OU course on monday and its my birthday on tuesday grrrrrrrr it's ok though I had my course materials redirected to the hosp when i realised they had attempted to deliver them to my flat, and the nurses have said me and my friends can have a party in the quiet room lol!! (although no alcohol allowed :P).


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