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prophylactic heparin/clexane whilst in hospital

I'm just wondering who receives the above whilst costafied? In my hospital its given to most patients who are not very mobile. The thing is I don't get it on every addmission it depends on if I'm in itu/hdu then yes will deffo get it. But on the ward some doctors might prescribe it some don't. Are there any guidelines to who should get it does it vary between hossies?

Thanks in advance


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helloo hon hope ur ok just wanted to say i get this too and its exactly the same here if on icu or hdu def hdu it if on ward straight away depends on if dr thinks about it or thinks im not mobile enough witout it!

Wud b gud if anyone knew any guidelines for wen it def shud b used. Im currently gettin it now n hate it as it bruises me sooo much but id much rather hav a rubbish injection than a blood clot!! It wud b sumthin i wud b pos more equipped to ask for eg my atrovent inhaler or steroids- is it tigs important and if so why does there seem to be no consistency even within the same hospital on different admissions??

Thanks everyone and sorry i cudnt help clare-ur not alone tho sure theres more of us too! Xxx



Im afraid I can't help on the why they give it sometimes and not others (cn't even find anything in the bnf), but I too get it somtimes when im in, always if i've been in hdu, or usually if im in longer than about 3- days and am stil ill or v unstable, ie not being mobile at all, then the docs tend to start it.

sorry I can't be of more help

Libby x


I have found have only ever ended up on this and with teds if get admitted to a surgical bed first as no medical beds available!


thanx libby and marmite.

I was prescribed it on my very 1st day after admission from community respiratory nurses and was taken directly to medical ward think its prob due to medical restrictions and mobility issues as im a lot less mobile than i was in feb b4 my 1st admission of the yr. Still not so sure of guidelines Em H mayb able to shed some light or one of other medics im a biomed but could only find v limited info on it and same as u libby nothin in the bnf or mims really. Thanks guys tho its gud to no ur not alone in there situations.

How u guys doin? X


Please please please accept prophylactic treatment with clot busters believe me arguing and not having it not have it is not worth it.


Like you guys im always given it in ITU/HDU but they often the stop it once n ward which is often daft as im not mobile for quite a while. I am classed as high risk as have had blood clots n lungs as well as DVT's

It really does seem to to be down to the particular drs that are on, which is wrong there should be a protocol. I know if sister is on when there is ward round and im not prescribed teds or heparin she goes barmy!!!

I also have to have a course if im flying and when i have any ops i have it for 3months post op- so oh joy that makes 5 injections in one day plus finger pricks aaaghhhh!


thanx bex and hopalong- I think i'll be a bit more proactive about fightin 4 them if im not automatically prescribed them now and agree treatment is better than the cure just hate jab's lol :-) -call me a wuss! Think i now no wot it does etc and how it wrks but stil no idea how its regulated or doseage decided which is mad as there must b guidelines for its use somewhere!! Im bored can ya tell.very very very bored!! Lol! Xx


Thanks for your replys guys, good to know im not the only confused one as to what the protocol is regarding this.

Bex I never refuse anything preventative!!

I may question the docs on this one on ward round tommorow if im brave enough!


me too clare if i grow a backbone lol will try n brave the super busy super consultant n pin her down 4 5 mims whilst he answers my 10billion questions in my enquiring mind! So there ya go guys two of us who may potentially b able to solve the mystery behind the rather ad-hoc prescribing to rather important clot preventating drugs. Have learnt im gonna b more proactive re askin 4 it tho think its important given the consequences of not doin so!! Talk later guys hope ur all gettin better or preferably at HOME! Gotta get off this web page been randomly on here on my fone all eve but now really really sleepy.... Xx


At the hosp i go to they give it to you if you in bed for more than three days and not mobile. Think it is porbably done on what the dr thinks and how mobile they think you are etc and if your prone to clotting and all that sort of thing.

It is a horrid injection as it stings a bit and you want to rub it once you ahd it but if you dont rub it then you wont get such a big bruise.

I aks now to do it myself after doing subcut myself I cant stand the thought of someone else giving me an injection in my stomach...especially student nurses who always wnat to try and ahve a go!!!!



the woman ran away.... Ran away i tell ya! Just cant pin consultants down can u! Also turns out pos in ova wkend! Not a happy bunny not happy at all .... :-(


*having a tantrum like a small but very unhappy child!*


hi guys,

will fully read at leisure but quick response is the drug you will most likely be prescribed is clexane...enoxaparin is the drug name (will def be in the bnf under that, clexane is the trade name).

Most hospitals i've been in have no hard and fast protocol. The prophylactic dose is 40mg (20mg is dodgy kidneys) and usually given to those who are immobile or have clot risk factors ie. post op, have a clotting disorder etc etc.

Sorry for quick reply but hope that vaguely answers it.

Em x



I am also given it ad hoc too, though it is usually crossed off within 48 hrs by the consultant. 24 hrs when I had been loaded up with clotbusting heart drugs by a panicy A&E doc.

I have never had clotting problems but if prescribed will have them.

Also I wish I could do them myself if prescribed because, like Olive, I detest anyone else sticking anything s/c into me - I am perfectly happy doing s/c infusions.

I have also flown long haul with no problems and not took any preventatives ( apart from drinking gallons of water which makes one very mobile to the loo!) But if offered or suggested I would take clexane jabs.

I had really bad bruising on my leg a week after the heart stuff after I bashed it.


I get this every time i am in hospital...In fact I had it when hospitalised 3 weeks ago and still have a great big lump and bruise to prove it lol....

I had it again when in hospital last week and yesterday when I was admitted too.....


Im lucky that on the whole if im on my normal ward or in hdu and am able the nurses are more than happy to let me do the jab myself unless they are bank in which case they start spouting stuff about h and s ........!!!!!!

Given that i have done 3month stints at home doing daily injections i think im more than capable!!!


hi guys

Im quite lucky too im on im or sc injections of hydrocortisone and used to doin injections on myself too. I hav same issue only wit bank nurses who do the health and safety thing but 'normal' nurses are happy to let me!!

I am same as most tho never refuse anythin that could prevent stuff happenin always in the view that prevention is better than the cure! :-)

Xx kat xX


Never really thought of asking to do it myself! I prefer it in the top of my arm, not belly that's saved for subcut lol!

Will ask tomorrow when its due, and see what response I get!


I did it, I asked to give myself the injection, the nurse let me but thought it was a very odd request lol!


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