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Research into alternative therapies

Hi there,

I posted this a couple of weeks ago and received a few replies...would be reaally helpfull if I could get a few more...Thank you for your time :-)

I have trained in aromatherapy and I am currently looking into the benefits of using aromatherapy oils for Asthma sufferers and wondered if you have any thoughts? I know there has been some controversy on the matter and would just like to get some feedback.

Also your views on cleaning products in the home. I would be really grateful if you could answer the following.

It would be great if you could give me some feedback on the following:

Have you ever used oils/

If so,

did you find them beneficial?

what were the benefits

have you ever had any reactions from using them?

would you prefer to use more natural cleaning products in your home as opposed to the manmade kind?

Many thanks for your time.


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