What to do in an Emergency

I have just come back from holiday in Costa Rica, in the first few days there I picked up a cold which along with the heat and 100% humidity, triggered my asthma.

For the first time ever, after a day of only being able to shallow breath and fighting the urge to cough, I started to feel extremely sick and feint, then I started to panic. We were staying in a hotel in the middle of the jungle, hours from anywhere, the local doctor was not available and the hospital was hours away.

All the help forums, etc. say use your salbutamol (which I did) and if this doesn't help call a doctor or go to hospital - but what do you do if you can't?

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  • Hi,might be good to forward plan and maybe loan a neb when you are in the middle of jungle along with oral steroids and antibiotics.Inhaler 10-12 puffs of reliever work as a neb every 4 hours but sometimes i need nebs also.Love glynis x

  • Preparation helps and bring extra medicines that handle likely emergencies. Asthma nurses offer good advice 08001216244 on this forum you can call them. Take care.


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