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Xolair - how long before it kicks in?

Hiya, my son has been on a 16 week trial for Xolair. He is now on week 14 and feels it has not done anything for him. When we started it my main concern was he was starting at the beginning of the summer which is typically the best time of year for him and was worried he would have a false result. As it turned out it became the worst summer we have had (not blaming Xolair for this!) and he has needed Pred continuosly for the past 9 weeks and is having problems coming off it. He normally has regular courses of Pred but manages a break in between.

Does anyone know at what point during the trial you should notice a difference. He is understandably pretty fed up with having the injections and is now worried about having a 5th if it is not helping. It would be lovely to hear some success stories, especially if it helped toward the end of the trial.


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hiya, im also in exactly the same position as you and your son. I'm at week 14 also and dont really want to continue with it as i havent noticed any difference. Would also be interested in knowing if anyone had any changes in the last few weeks of the trial :)


Hi, I am also on the trial and have only noticed that if i am near a known allergen then i get a rash as usual but dont seem to itch, I have also noticed as well as others that I do take less of my salbutamol. Another patient who i know has finished the trial and has only started to sleep all night without early morning waking. I think it will be a while before I stop pred and sub-cut bricanyl but I think we need to be patient. I almost gave up after my second inections because I did react to it but a few words from my nurse and consultant and I am going to stick with it.

I have read quite a bit on this drug and some people dont feel the benefits for ages as we are all very different.

Hope this helps.


Hello, I have been on Xolair for 18months now. I did feel the effects wihin the 16weeks, but I am still on Pred as it takes ages to slowly kick in! I do have a better quality of life and get a full nights sleep most nights. I also very rarely use my salbutomol and am more active. I did write a diary with al my peak flow readings and when I looked back at it, thats when I realised how well the injection had worked! Maybe your son might want to try tracking his progress? I hope your son benefits from it soon.


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