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NHS survey - staff and stakeholders

This is a message for all the health professionals on the forum, I know there are quite a few - I just filled in the NHS review survey, both the patient version and the staff version. I just wanted to say that the staff survey actually does give you lots of blank text opportunities to say what you really think about the NHS and how to improve it, rather than being a lot of forced choice tick boxes - quite thought provoking and a good chance to get it all of your chest (as it were), I found! Whether Lord Darzi who is, after all, a surgeon with a rather different view of the NHS from those treating chronic conditions, takes any notice is another question, but I highly recommend having a look. The link is on the asthma UK home page.

Interested to hear what others think. Thankyou Asthma UK for putting it on your homepage, I would never have found it or responded otherwise!


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hmm do you think that Scottish folk can answer it too? Have had occasional experience in England-shire!



NHS Patient Survey

This is the link of the survey I took as a patient - didn't take long - and I atleast fel as though I have made my contribution rather than merely complaining noone hears me!!!


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