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Have i got this forever???

I was only aware i had been suffering with asthma few days ago when my GP told me.Since my early 20's-i have suffered with hayfever which was annoying cause i had no allergies as a child and now find i have asthma.For several years now though,my breathing has gotten worse-noticibly during summer and couple of weeks ago while walking my dog-i found myself unable to breathe properly which was frightening cause i was in the middle of nowhere on my own.I had no idea what was a matter and had to just calm myself down until i could breathe properly.

After i composed myself-i pushed what had happened to the back of my mind cause i admit to not liking doctors since spending an awful amount of time in hospital as a child and also spending 3 months in there 4 years ago.

But last week-i was woken at 2.00am unable to breathe,coughing and this was a bit un nerving.This repeated its self 3-4 more times in the comming nights and someone mentioned to me that hayfever and asthma are closely related so i googled and ended up here.After consulting the online nurse here who gave me sound advice-i made an appointment with my GP,told him my symptoms and he said it was asthma.

I now have an inhaler which allows me to breathe more normally,but i need to know if im stuck with it forever or will i grow out of it???

Sorry to ramble on a bit,but im new to all this!

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Hello Steven and welcome,

Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with asthma, but you have certainly come to the right forum for support.

I don’t believe there is a straightforward answer to your question. Approximately fifty percent of people start with asthma before the age of ten, and fifty percent of THOSE young people eventually grow out of their asthma. Others develop asthma during adulthood and old age and either grow out of it or don’t. At all ages there can be prolonged periods of time when asthma symptoms are controlled, uncontrolled or none existent.

On the positive side most asthma is extremely well controlled with various medications to the extent where an absolutely normal life can be led.

As you have already experienced, asthmatic symptoms can be frightening if you don’t have your medication to hand. Now you have been prescribed a suitable inhaler, don’t forget to take it with you everywhere you go.

I’ve found lots of useful information on the AUK site, and have often got lots of help and support from the AUK adviceline, as you have already done so.

Here’s another useful web ref with links to other pages.


Keep rambling on to us Steven! We’re used to it!




Thanks for the info Mia!

Im still getting to grips with keeping the inhaler on me cause its something im not used to grabbing before i go out.I dont like to use it too often cause i hate the thought of being dependent on something so i guess my own ego is the first hurdle.



Hi steve and welcome. I myself am still pretty new to all this I was diagnosed after bad cold and 2 chest infections last winter. I can still forget to pick up inhaler before I go out of house and have had to dash home from work at lunch for it before today. It does get easier. I have the advantage that I don't need my ventolin as much since starting on a lond lastiong preventer and reliever combined but I still need to carry other. I also have hay fever and although am not very bad am finding eyes are bothering me at mo especially driving so its back to sun glasses. You will find loads of helpful info on here and everyone is friendly. Let us know how you get on and I always feel the site is great if you get a bad day as someone will always help you feel better.



If i could ask something please.

Should i use my inhaler when im struggling to breathe properly or wait until im having a full blown attack??? I know this may sound a dumb question,but i really dont know.My GP just told me to use it as and when needed,but should i use it when my breathing is only slightly hindered???

Dont know whether its related to the weather just recently,but at work-im not breathing good.Unfortunatley,i work on an old WW2 disused airfield out in the country which is surrounded by cropped fields and last few days have been a bit of a struggle for me.Curiously though,my hayfever hasnt been too bad,but am still taking tablets daily.My work is physical which is why its such a problem.



Hi Steven,

Welcome to the forum we are a helpful bunch on here and have lots of laughs on the way.

I do hope you find some good info as I have and make some new buddies.

We all know how you feel being first diagnosed its a shock its human instinct to say it will never happen to me.

Anyway enough rambleing from me I hope to speak in the future

Take care and wishing you all the best

Giggles xx


hi steve,

my personal opinion is that you should take it as soon as you think 'this is difficult, should i be taking my inhaler?'. ideally, i would say take it early, and try and sit down, or rest for a few minutes, then you might get to avoid the big attack completely. i think its something that you'll get used to judging over time, but the inhaler is there to try and let you get on with your activities, so don't wait untill you're feeling really ill.

however, i have to admit that i don't follow my own advice, and leave it as late as possible, but thats because i have other breathing problems aswell which arent helped by the ventolin, so it seems a bit pointless, and i aslo get really bad shakes, so its not much fun for me.

hope this is helpful, and welcome to the boards!




I ahve to agree with Justy - better to use early and minimise attack than waiting til later. I tend to ahve inhalers everywhere - in most of my regularly used bags and the car mainly so that I normally always have one to hand just in case. Just also got a puffapouch (www.puffapouch.com) which is fab if you're excercising or no where to put inhaler as it will go round your neck in trendy little case - I have pink but there are lots of other colours. Whilst this may not be the best for everyone I've found it good if out without a bag for any reason to be able to ahve it to hand easily, especially if I think i may need it (e.g. if out for a walk).

Good luck - you'll be an old hand soon! Ask any questions you like as often as you like - best way to get any tips as if you're wondering about something, I can bet someone else will hve done before you and will be able to help out.


Starting to get used to it now.

Im starting to get used to using the inhaler when feeling short of breath and havent had a bad attack recently cause i try to keep on top of it.I keep one inhaler in my work rucksack and another at home so i always have one nearby,but always make sure i take one with me when walking my dog cause i have a habit of going places off the beaten track and rarely take my mobile cause its the only peace i get!

Before the doc diagnosed me having asthma last week,looking back-i had a bad attack while out with my dog few weeks ago-literally miles and miles from civilisation which was kinda scary cause i couldnt breathe properly.Because of this episode alone-i take the inhaler with me everywhere.

Anyway-thanks for everyones thoughts-i really appreciate getting advice from people who are in the same boat!



Hi, i was only diagnosed late last year with asthma though i had had the symptoms since i was 14 but never really questioned them untill i found it impossible to breath at some points last winter. Im now on a steroid based inhaler i use twice a day, when i wake up and before i go to bed to try to prevent my attacks during the night and i also carry my blue inhaler with me wherever i go. It a question of learning to know your own body, you will soon be able to sense when an attack might be coming on and can use your inhaler as prevention rather than cure. Im not sure if you can get rid of it... i kind of just accepted i have it and just get on with it, though the thought of not having to carry my inhalers to every sleepover or night out is a nice one :) feel free to chat to me as im new to this all as well :)

Lanny xxx


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