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help ... asthma , induced coughing, hence induced vomiting ??

Iv been to my doctors twice now, im on a different type of anti biotics and steroids, I have a chest infection which my Gp says is bringing on asthma which is inducing coughing then vomiting. My only concern is that yes I have the infection, yes I cough alot and yes iv been being sick all week. The sickness however isnt allways after a coughing fit, the other morning id only been awake approx ten minutes and was sick every where. Tonight we had chips n curry, everything was ok, then the coughing started and this time I was again sick everywhere ....... to the extent that my husband joked about me being anoerexic ... I said you mean bulimic :-(

This is now occuring daily and to be honest its getting me down. has this happened to anyone and what measures did you take to help the situation.

Im not totally convinced its asthma related, im under alot of stress atm , I t ake all my inhalers ect, do I just ride this out or what ???

I feel down now ... im just not sure whats what, but I do know im now begining to fear eating, any help please greatly appreciated ......

Thanks Donna x

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Hi :)I get this when my chest is full of mucus mainly because I swallow it in my sleep then have to sort of regurgitate it IYSWIM. I don't think the tum likes it.Also, pred makes you feel sick too... so that doesn't helpIf it does't go away I would go see a doctor! Hope you feel better soon xxx


Hi :)I get this when my chest is full of mucus mainly because I swallow it in my sleep then have to sort of regurgitate it IYSWIM. I don't think the tum likes it.Also, pred makes you feel sick too... so that doesn't helpIf it does't go away I would go see a doctor! Hope you feel better soon xxx


Thanks for your message ,

I do have alot of phlemn atm so maybe thats not helping but how does that trigger of an asthma attack?

Im also on pred but to be honest its never made me feel sick or ill , I cant see this time being any different, iv never known people to be sick continuesly with asthma ..... im not saying people dont get sick but like everyday for the last week?

Its not even a sickness bug, I dont actually feel sick, I just eat then alittle later am ill ... apart from coughing I really cant see how this can be put down to my asthma, but im totally at a loss .....mayb e it is ....

I know the GP said my lungs were rather noisy, I think thats maybe why she put me on the pred again, but I usually end up on it everytime I get a chest infection .....

Im still not convinced this is asthma related but then ...... hey what do I know ..

Thanks for your post, hope you are keeping well ,

Donna :-)


Antibiotics can cause vomiting some more than others, ur tablets may have an information leaflet,

check the list of side effects. Or u can check online .

Coughing can induce vomiting take smaller lighter meals. This may help.

Pleghm. If ur swallowing the muck unfortunately it can case vomiting . Aa is its irritable to the

stomache, plus Ur stomach can become too full so when u eat u basically become over

loaded , fit to burst. Then when a cough start this is all that is needed to make u vomit.


when i have chest infections they always make me sick.,. from all the horrid germy mucus going into my tummy!!! it should get better as your chest infection gets better!! Hope you feel better sooon!!


Hi Donna,

Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Have you ever suffered from Heartburn/Acid Reflux? My sister had a similar problem and suffered from asthma badly during an infection...she was also sick. It turns out that the excessive coughing was aggrevating her unstable stomach and making her sick, along with worsening her asthma symptoms.

It was just a thought..hope you feel better soon :-)


Hi Donna

I seem to be in the same situation as you. I have had a cough for over 4 months on and off, but at the end of december it got so bad i went to see my GP. i have had 5 courses of anti biotics for a chest infection, I have also had a virus, and lots and lots of mucus that I can feel all over my chest.

My coughing got so bad that I had trouble breathing after a bout of coughing, so my GP gave me a prevention inhailer ( a powder one) and this made me sick, so i stopped using it. I also got steroids, but where I was still coughing and having trouble breathing, I was sicking up blood so had to stop those.

Eventually the hospital gave me a blue inhaler, but to be honest it never helps clear my tubes or helps with my tight chest so I am not sure I have astma, I am waiting a ct scan and blood test results to see what is wrong with me, but the chest speicalist seems to think it is astma, but as I said I am unsure as after 5 weeks of steroids and pumps and a nebuliser treatmetn at my GP, nothing has helped.

Through all of this, if I have a cough sometimes I am sick, no warning just out it comes where ever I am! I have a lot of mucus on my chest and am constantly coughing it up. I have been sick in my sleep, in the bath - I now walk round with tissues everywhere I go.

I have been off of work for 5 weeks now, and this is driving me mad, if you get any answers, please let me know, and good luck.



I read this with great interest. A few years ago I suffered from coughing and vomiting. I also would eat then a little while later I would start coughing and be sick. This continued for a long time and got to the stage when I would vomit after drinking just a glass of water. Sometimes I would cough up mucus etc etc I lost a lot of weight and finally went to the doctors. They carried out several tests but were none the wiser. I also felt quite nauseous most of the time. One of the doctors at my surgery suggested it might be linked to my asthma and put forward that the mucus may be running down into my stomach and reacting with it, hence causing me to vomit. Anyway, after a while the symptons started to gradually to lessen. I have no idea whether it was caused by asthma or not, it was also suggested that it might be a food intolerance. I no longer vomit due to coughing but I no longer cough as much either. At the time I also felt like I couldn't eat anything. Please be positive and don't let it get you down. You should keep going to the doctor until they find out what it is that is causing it.


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