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Changing from Seretide to Symbicort

I have had a few exasberations recently with courses of pred. Currently off work with chest infection I went to doc today for check-up. My current meds are - Seretide 50/500, singulair, uniphylin, bricanyl and combivent for neb. The doc has changed my Seretide today to Symbicort 400/12. Have been adv to take 2 puffs twice daily and then when required throughout the day. I have been on Seretide for the last few years and nervous changing when asthma not settled. Has anyone changed from Seretide to Symbicort and found it helpful? Also I have never used this ""smart"" system either so any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Nikki,

I changed over quite a long time ago now and have never looked back, I find the Symbicort to be a wonder drug, however I would query it with your GP as I have never heard of the 400/12 dosage being used on the smart system, as I was led to beleive only the 200/6 was licenced to be used this way, pls double check as you might be using too much if they are wrong.



Hi, I changed from Seretide and Singulair to Symbicort 200/6 Smart, couple of months ago. My PF is on the low side anyway but with Symbicort, its reached the better side of 300.

My asthma tends to be set off by dust on the roads and dry weather and stuff like diesel fumes. New Health Centre going up, just over our fence - loads of machinery and earth moving LOL - plus weather has been on the dry side, but I'm finding Symbicort is heaps better than the seretide.

Best wishes, Nikki. Could be the best move you make.




Im on this and its good! I would check with your dr though about dosing, i've been given 400/12 on the smart plan (use as preventer and reliever) but im under a consultant from the bromptom and i dont think its technically licensed for use like this.



never heard of the ""smart plan"" can someone explain please. im also on symbicort 400/12 2 puffs bd, prednisolone 30 and nebs....to name a few. hated seretide made me worse unfortunately


Hi NIkki

I changed from Seretide to Symbicort a while ago, I'm now on Symbicort 400/12 which does control my asthma marginally better than the Seretide did.

SMART (Symbicort Maintenance and Reliver Therapy) is licensed for use in 200/6 and 100/6 dose inhalers, however I know a few people (including myself) who use it when taking the 400/12 dose inhaler. The SMART system basically means that you use you inhaler for your regular maintenance therapy (i.e. 2 puffs twice a day) then ontop of this you also use your Symbicort inhaler as your reliver inhaler as and when you need it (i.e. as an alternative to Salbutamol).

From what I've heard, the SMART approach works really well for some people.

As I'm on the 400/12 dose, I take my inhaler routinely 2 puffs twice a day, then I can take extra doses if I feel that I need to. I have agreed with my consultant that I can take a total of 12 puffs over 24 hours. He makes it clear that this isn't ideal though, and he'd rather that I didn't have to use so much, but if it keeps me out of hospital... I still need to use my Salbutamol inhaler too.

It sounds like it would be beneficial for you to discuss the SMART system with somebody as you're new to it. Do you have a respiratory nurse you can discuss this with?

Hope you find it works for you!

Dawn x


hi nikki

i too hve been on the 400/12 symbicort for a long while for me it has been the best inhaler they have have made available to me it dramatically improved my condition. Before symbicort i was on pulimicort and oxis and they only ever contained my condition. I suggest you give it go after all you have nothing to lose if already unwell.


Thanks for the info regarding smart plan. Will discuss it at nxt clinic appointment. Tho think the steriod aspect of it would be too much as on budesonide and high dose prednisolone. Tho would gladly get of this and the nebs


I know how you're feeling.I too have been put on Symbicort recently. Have found that it makes a lot more of a difference than seretide did.

I think the benefit comes with the flexibility that it offers


Seretide v Symbicort

I have used both, am currently using seretide with pulmicort as an extra steroid add on. I think it is 'horses for courses' so to speak. They are both good drugs, I think like other respondees you should ask again about using 400/12 on the smart system. My own respiratory specialist has a preference for seretide in ""harder to manage"" asthma, but in the end you should go with whichever makes you feel better. I have less voice and thrush problems with seretide.

Best RI


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