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Preventer Dilemma!

Hi all. I've had inhalers for asthma since I was 12 (now 34) and have now progessed to home nebulisers. I was initially on beclamethasone (brown) preventer 250, twice a day, a few years ago whilst in hospital I was changed to symbicort (red/white), and a couple years later seretide (purple)250. I am really bad for remebering to take my preventer.

I saw a chest consultant on monday, ive been pushed pillar to post a bit since a serious of very bad spells a couple of years ago... and he wants me to start taking the seretide again regulary. I collected my prescription today and my gp has taken it upon himself to change it from seretide 250 all the way to one puff of beclamethasone 200! i called to ask why and he was rude and agressive on the phone. I'm really not sure what to do next. Any advice appreciated and should i take the beclamethasone in the meantime?

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I think you should take it as you could end up having an attack. Your dr shouldnt be like that. But the best advise i have is ring the asthma nurses for auk as they are really helpful



The consultant you saw will write to your GP following your appointment, and recommend what to prescribe. It seems strange that your GP should take it on himself to change your inhaler and then be rude to you (not that rude medics are unheard of!!). We always get a copy of our son's consultant's letter but it can take a while for it to come through. I would be inclined to ring the consultant's secretary and explain what's happened and that you are concerned. Also ask about the beclamethasone (but maybe take it in the meantime, on the basis that it's better than nothing!)

Also ringing the AUK nurses is a good idea. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted.


Yes the consultant will sort it. why Some GP's react this way amazes me. My GP was very unhelpful initially when my asthma got bad and I ended up under hospital care. My asthma nurses use too confront him diplomatically now he does everything he can for me.

Asthma can be really difficult to manage and can require hospital care. I learn't to ignore rude persons when its about my health because I suffer not them. I am the patient and i will take care off myself properly. I am not interested in the politics of medicine. But they should work together.



hi pers

i cant begin to wonder why gp has the right to take over the cons care!!

anyways i would continue to take the beclamethasone 200 until you kno either way from your cons as to what to do for defo i.e. does he want you to continue on that or switch to what HE wanted to do in the first place and go to seretide 250 ?? at least that way you are no putting youself at risk of an attack by not taking a preventer twice a day.

beclamethasone contains 200mcg steroid

seretide 250 you say they want you on contains salmeterol 25mcg (long acting bronchodilator) as well as filxotide 250mcg which is the steroid part of the inhaler.


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