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FEV1 & F50 & F25 & FVC

I have today had my quarterly physilogocal test/VO2 max test doen as part of my sport and my F50 & F25 readings were particularly low .both of these readings were carried out pre exercise post exercise and post exercise with inhaler. Readings as follows:

Pre exercise with inhaler F50 = 73 F25= 87

Post Exercise F50= 53 F25= 60

Post exercise and taking inhaler agian F50= 62 F25 61

Taking my inhaler post exercise seemed to have little effect and before i book in too see my doctor I wanted to know how I could remedy this situation? Do I need to change my current blue and brown inhalers? This situatin is having a detrimental effect on my sport as a result any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated Thank you for a great website


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