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So Angry, need to moan!

My husband lost his job seven months ago, and because of my severe asthma I am in receipt of Incapacity Benefit and DLA. Because of my ""Status"" the state made my husband my ""Carer."" I have found this term of Carer very hard to accept because despite my ill health I have always managed even though hubby was working. Having hubby labelled as my carer of course makes the financial situation a little easier, but I would still rather he was working. As daft as it sounds we are both proud people and myself particularly feel ashamed that we now rely on benefits totally to survive. Locally like across the country jobs for the ""working man"" are non existent, and hubby and I have talked about the possiblity of him retraining to improve his prospects. Today I got in touch with various departments with the Department of Work and Pensions for help and advice on hubby retraining. I have basically been told that because he is my ""Carer"" that he is not entitled to help retraining. All we want to do is help ourselves, and not be dependant on others. We didn't ask for him to made my carer, the department of works and pensions just did it when we went to see them after he lost his job. I hate the Department of Employment more than ever now, 3 and half years ago I wanted to return to work after studying at my expense for many years, and was told to go away because I had a syringe driver. All we want to do is financially support ourselves, and yet our willingness doesn't seem to be enough. I except though don't like I will probably never do paid work again, but hubby is only 36 and deserves better. He originally had a trade but sadly it isn't required much these days, and retraining is probably the way forward.

Sorry for the rant, but I am so angry that I am bashing the hell out of this keyboard writing this.

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