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What o your children get up to that make you laugh?!!!

My son and his friends went in to tesco they are 16.

they got a bottle of fizzy pop and hid it in a freezer underneath

some cheap bags of chips only to go back the next day to find it and buy it frozen solid.

The little monkeys have all left school now till start college in September and dread to think

what they will get up to.

My son had few weeks working on my hubbys pottery firm and might find him a few hours.

I finish work in 2 weeks for 7 weeks school hols xxx

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My granddaughter. who is a very independent 3 year old, was being tormented by a boy at her pre-school while my son and the father of the tormenter looked on. Finally, goaded beyond her limits by yet another taunt, she leant over to him and said seriously ' you are SUCH a n*b end'. As you can imagine, my son was torn because he wanted to tell her off for using that sort of language but at the same time, he thought the little boy's father should have stopped him tormenting my granddaughter. Quick as a flash he said to her 'you're right, he is, but it's NOT your place to tell him so' very neatly putting her right and letting the other father know that his chiild's behaviour was the cause of the incident.

If only I could think that quickly .....


this was a while back now but...

Sian put her shoes on the wrong feet. Instead of swapping her shoes over? she crossed her legs so they looked right! of course, she couldn't *walk* like that!!

Rick today went to the toilets with daddy when we went out to lunch. On the way past the waitress the little so n so actually smacked her on the bum!!! He's 2, isn't that a bit young for that behaviour LOL!! Glad I wasn't with him, DH must have been embarrassed!!

Geina xx


My eight year old niece said to me you have had so many ambulances to work because of your asthma so why don't you move your desk in your office to A&E.


I don't have any kids but if I ever do they will probably do all sorts of weird things judging by me - I once went out with a colander on my head and a pyjama jacket for day wear. I was 4. My mum has not let me forget that one.

Are there genes for doing weird stuff?


Dont know about my kids, my hubby is daft as a brush, he once came to open the door when i came home from work, with a 1kg empty cornflakes box pulled down over his head. Apparently to keep his ears warm.Good job it was me and not the local psychiatric unit staff at the door. No wonder my kids are completely mad. my hubby has a great sense of humour and i love him for it as he helps me so much, mind you he wont let me get away without saying i have a bit of a mad sense on humour too, so we get on really well. when we having a bit of a mad moment together the kids roll their eyes, laugh and say their off again. I think the boy friend things were both nuts too. lol


Tom's little boy, Ollie likes to play with all my teddies and my organ. He is so cute and he makes me laugh so much. He is getting to be as musical as his daddy!


when my teen was little i let her play next to my bed so i could have a lie in one sunday. i woke to find she had decided to paint her nails- but that included also painting her arms, her toes which included her shins too - the radiator and the carpet ----all with one small bottle of red polish. aww it was difficult to get off. as a teen she still makes me laugh, smile, cringe and cry on an almost daily basis. today she brought me a can of diet cola which is normally banned by her as im addicted and a pack of 3 walnut whips -chocolate is also banned as i cant stop when i start...just because she knew id need cheering up after my op getting cancelled- she is a diamond xxx


#1 had her brownie district sports yesterday.

she was the youngest brownie in her pack to turn up, and is not the greatest runner! so she was doing the 7yo flat race and DH was running along side her cheering her on...

she looks at him, running all the time, saying ""i'm doing really well daddy!""

it all stems from they'd been told to run with their hands flat at school to make them run faster. love her she came in last in every race she did. but she was there, and all 2nd sunbury TRIED (all 7 of them!!)


i jsut asked the 2yo to try and put his socks on....

they're currently on his hands!


Granddaughter (almost 5) at the zoo on Monday. In her words - 'liked the sea lions and saw a actual lion too'.

Like the way wee ones say things eg when I call her a silly sausage and she says, she isn't a sausage, she's a Amy.


my lil niece was staying up my mums on sun nite - 19 mths old - she was stroking the cat, who then went outside the door. she then said 'oh, dear! bye!' hehe. bless her x


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