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Wedding table decorations!!

I know there are more than a few arty crafty types on these here boards so I thought I would see if I could enlist some of your help... i need some suggestions for wedding decorations for the tables and the reception venues that dont involve flowers or balloons or feathers as Im really allergic to them! Cheap and simple to make would be good too we r wedding on tiny budget!

Any suggestions??!

midgie x

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Have you thought about silk flowers - they are really good these days and unless you get really close it is hard to tell the difference. You could use real ""greenery"" which you could pick to fill in and use a few silk flowers for colour


How about favors? Usually little bags of sugared almonds, but in case of nut allergy what about using love hearts instead. I went to a wedding last year that did this. The little bags were simply small squares of net with a few love hearts tied with baby ribbon.



My daughter had Love Hearts. I wrote to Matlow asking if I had to eat my way through loads of packets to find the nicely worded ones to lay aside for the wedding.

Andrew Matlow, himself, wrote back saying they do small packets about an inch long in which all the love hearts say Marry Me. I ordered enough packets and the female guest loved them. The guys had jelly beans.

Cake topped by Lego lady and man - lady had strip of net glued on for dress and veil.

Table decorations were fake flowers like wee blue daisies with thin blue ribbon tied around them. Hotel provided them.

Best wishes. xx


Another thought or two, I had the centre piece for my wedding cake made out of Salt Dough, two teddy bears in my case, had a love keepsake until some silly person namely me knocked it off the shelf and it broke. Maybe also decorating the table napkins with a few beads strung on some memory wire! Of finally how about some Origami Birds using pretty pastel coloured papers. Maybe swans as a centre piece.



i have a really kool design (easy to follow) for table decorations, servette holder, wine glass decorations ect

its from a craft magazine

if you fancy a look i can scan in witht the templates and send you , if you send me a personal message containing your email adress - will prob be easiest way

same for anyone else who wants to see the design sheet

gd luck anyway

love lil tinx xxxxxxx


Thanks for all your replies peeps - I'm sorry I've only just picked them up as I've spent the last couple of weeks sick with some lovely bug I picked up from the kids at work! Any suggestions gratefully received! xxx


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