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London Marathon

Just applied for a Gold Bond place, running on behalf of Asthma UK for the Marathon next year!

Crossing everything that I'm lucky enough to be considered and very cheekly half hoped I might get a few 'brownie points' for signing up here and saying hello!

About me, I'm a mischeivious/adventure seeking type guy - Had Asthma since I was 14, it normally flares up around May (hayfever), altho noticed I've become a bit more reliant on my inhailer recently.

I am very much a competative sport freak and sometimes push my luck with my chest!

The Marathon is going to be a massive personal challenge, mainly because I want to run it in 3:34 hours!

Anyway, I hope everyones well!


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Glad you are running for AUK and a marathon wow.

make sure you are well prepared and brill xxx


Oh - no I havent been accepted just yet, crossing fingers I do! :)


fingers crossed,goodluck x


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