Puzzle Corner 1 - Add a Word - done :)

For each group, find a word that can be added to each group to make another word or phrase.

Please only do 2 each day to give everyone chance to have a go :)

1. study, load, basket, show CASE

2. insurance, loan, short, school TERM

3. girl, raw, reading, world MATERIAL

4. deco, fine, club, pop ART

5. slip, main, down, mill STREAM

6. all, under, girl COVER

7. scotch, fingers, bean BUTTER

8. hand, space, needle CRAFT

9. pack, clothes, show, hobby HORSE

10. face, bone, business, money FUNNY

20 Replies

  • I`ll start you off

    1. case

  • That's a good game. Something different. I was thinking we should get the games out again.

    2. have to confess I'm stuck already. Keep thinking school bus which is no good with the others. Will keep at it.

  • Is no. 2 'term'??

  • Sounds right. Never thought of that.

  • Angie, spot on :)

    GrannyMo :)

  • is 3- guide?

  • sorry Woody that isn`t it - try again

  • No 3. Power

  • sorry Kate, try again

    I will give the first letters of the words I am looking for :)

  • No.3 Material

  • almo, you got it :)

  • 4. Art

    Love this game. Did you make it up yourself Joan?

  • No.8 Craft?

    This game is good!

  • 4. Art

    5. Stream

    7. Butter

    9. Horse

    Sorry - broke the rules by doing 4.......but I haven't had a go at all yet so hoped that would be ok ;)


  • all correct :)

    Feejay, rofl, 2 a day adds up to 4 eh :P

    angie, saw it on a forum a couple years ago and loved it, just remembered it and thought

    you all might like it :)

    just 6 and 10 to do then I will put another one on for you :)

  • Ooh ooh - I know number 10 but I've had my goes!

  • this is just a guess, but is 10. funny?

  • 6. COVER!!!

    sorry, got a little enthusiastic there

  • both good ones :)

    thats a wrap

  • YAY!! *dance*

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