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Is anyone cheerful?

I come on here regularly to be cheered up and find supportive people and just recently all i have read is how sad and down people are.

So i thought i would start a post on what makes people smile? Or what makes people happy? Or what makes people cheerful? Are there any people in your life who make you happy? Is there an activity you like doing that brightens your day?

Where have our postive tones gone?

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good point Plumie!!

Yesterday I over did it so today I do nothing (well what I call work!), yeahhhhhh!

I'm enjoying a cappuchino and will read in a mo,later

I will start my scrapbooking (photos in albums with comments, usually ones to make us really laugh when we look back).

A walk in the sunshine if lungs will let me

A yummy roast beef dinner with home made yorkshire puds, and sticky toffee pud and custard after.

Mmmm the day is looking good :))

Have a good weekend xxx


yeh the suns out but don't go out it's cold. Winter and the dark nights are on the way, lovely log fires and crispy frosty mornings and boiling by mid morning.

May even see this guy tonight.


Finding it a lot easier to be cheerful this week than last. My dreadful cold is on it's way out and my voice is mostly back again. Thank goodness for texting and rant&moan forums here and on other sites.

Most cheerful now as one half of my lovely family came by and we'd a great time. Out for lunch and many word and counting games with the four year old. Tom, at six weeks, just slept.

Reason the other half of family didn't come? They are in their second week with this awful cold. Cant take anything for it as expecting and had to miss out on BNL concert they'd been looking forward to for ages. :( - a friend took the ticket instead. Which was cheering from the point that at least gave enjoyment to someone else. :)


I'm happy, It's must be all the drugs 8-) I have a reason to be cheerful this week though as its my birthday on thursday yay! 21 again :) (26).

What keeps me sane is planning things. I like to have something to look forward to each month. For example the next few weeks I have a friends wedding and hen night and I also start my next OU course next week. Of course I have in the back of my mind asthma could ruin these things but I try not to think of that.

Studying has made me so much more happier! I love the OU and when my last course finished I felt very lost, knowing I have months ahead of learning about something I am interested in is exciting!

Then theres xmas just a few months away and we all love xmas!

Keep smiling peeps :D



Liking this thread plumie. Good idea. The feeling of cheerfulness can be anything from your cat's mad half hour to a smile from someone on the bus.

Me? I found a nice message left on my facebook page.


hi claire22

I liked your reminder of christmas coming closer, i went off to my favourite arts and crafts website and ordered some christmas cards to make and some christmas gifts. I am looking forward to there arrival. So i can get busy and messy.

It is so good to hear that people are still cheerful! It has cheered me up loads! Thanks Guys!



Had a realy happy week and to make you laugh,I slipped on mash potato in dinner hall.glad not caught on camera haha.

Lungs brill this week and son moved in new place with gf from a bet sit.

suns out and blue sky and lots of brill friends on here so a happy bunny at the moment xxx


plummie-im always happy lol-well ok some of the time im like a big baby and feel really sorry for myself but i do try and stay positive.i am looking forward to a delivery from ebay and being able to walk more than a couple of feet before feeling rough as im hopeful that the steroids have started to work. oh and i am very hopeful that when my teen goes out in the morning i might actually get to go back to bed for a little bit more sleep-eee and on a monday lol very lady of leisure


A bar of galaxy taken wie hot tea, makes the taste last longer always makes me smile , plus getting discharged from hospital puts a smile on my face as I puff to the car !!!!


Im a happy bunny,had a few laughs today with friends from AUK On FB.

Xfactor on later so finish the weekend off brill xxxx


Nice thread topic! Good to hear it's not all bad.

I'm pretty happy too. I'm going back to work tomorrow after nearly 4 weeks, so I am kind of apprehensive about that... But the time off has been really good for me, and I've been practically symptom-free for the last fortnight, so I'm feeling really good. The last few days have been particularly excellent, the weather's been gorgeous and we've been out enjoying the sunshine.


after tonight, omg ROFLMAO! even the reverend who's weird in a funny way would have been entertainment enough lol.


Coughed my head off all day until out for dinner tonight when didn't cough at all. Maybe I should have veggie curry for every meal.


Good idea, things seem to be tough for a lot of people, me included, at the moment.

Veggie curry for every meal sounds good GrannyMo, one of my fave meals.

For me cheerful day today. Went to film festival, then had a nice cuddle from my guinea pig and my partner - usually the piggie gets jealous of not being centre of attention, but behaved today when we were all snuggled up!!!


I am despite being poorly with my asthma, my friend is getting better there is something half decent on the telly my animals are entertaining and despite everthing life is good. Have much to be thankful for


work just rang and ive got the day off as the school had to be closed as got no water ahaha.

got go sons later house sit as got workmen in x


Singulair Montelukast is keeping me really awake at nights and bouncing off the walls like Tigger on way too much caffeine. Which is a bit of a nuisance. Its not exactly raising my Peak Flows or reducing salbutamol use, like its supposed to, but I'm not exactly bothered.

On the other hand, I'm quite cheerful about it cos fortunately I don't have work to go to in the morning and being up at night lets me catch up on all that's been going on AUK's forum. Also with American friends on Facebook. Time difference no object. Presently sitting on the sofa and typing in the dark so as not to waken the cats who no doubt would see putting the light on, as a sign it was waking up time and where's the food. Thank goodness I can touch type. All those years as office dogsbody have come in useful at last. :)


Cheerful cos off the Singulair (Yay!) and hoping will get back to normal sleep cycle soon. Stopped it myself on Thursday. Friday, asthma review, nurse took me off it as causing detriment to sleep patterns.

Since when I have nodded off quite quickly before waking and coughing my head off around 4 a.m. - Phooey.

Edit: spelling mistake.


grannymo - good decision. I think there has to be a tolerance level where if it gets that bad you know to almost stop the med yourself.

Plumie, I used to think that my own asthma problems were individual to me but now i have come to realise that its not the case. Im really depressed about how bad my asthma is and i think for the first time im out of denial. It helps me a lot when i just read someone else moan about a dumb doctor or moan about something because it reminds me im not alone - and also reconfrim that its just asthma and nothing more sinister. So i guess the fact people are being honest and maybe being unhappy helps me.


I'm Cheerful!

Thought I'd pass on a bit of my cheerfulness!

So I'm on my 6th day of a hospital admission, have at last escaped critical care but I'm cheerful because of everything else I have. I live with 8 lovely housemates in a student house over 100 miles away from my family home studying at uni. I had this attack at 10pm sitting in my housemates bedroom, they all know what to do, get me to the hospital, get my nebs, get my junk, sit with me, tell the doctors whats going on, everything and more. They didn't leave till 3am, I'm so so greatful to have my friends. When I'm well everything goes on as normal, we go out, drink too much, have plenty of laughter, do the odd bit of work, and when I'm ill they remind me they don't care about my asthma being a pain, because the rest of the time life is good.

Friends and family come to visit me, text me, send bits to keep me entertained. They have no idea how strong they keep me. I have asthma it doesn't have me, I live my life, and when it causes hell I fight it so I can have more happy memories!

Lets be cheerful because of the people we have! Get well wishes to everyone thats feeling down,



Happy as had my flu jab and pneumonia jab today.

bit late for the flu it already!


Oh Glynis I don't have either one of those jabs as I have a natural defence and doctors don't want to destroy this natural defence as yet so I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

I have been cheerful today because my tattoo has finally healed but sadly once again having a tattoo has affected my eczema which is not good as it is so itchy and my skin is so dry and flakey it is a mightmare


Cheerful because I'm having a day with family tomorrow.


I'm traveling to see my Mum, Dad, brother and best friend today and the sun is thinking of coming out :D


Chilean Miners

I'm delighted by the rescue of the Chilean miners. I just think what happened was amazing, and a wonderful testament to the spirit of humanity. It's cheered me up no end.


I'm cheerful because what started out as an awful day yesterday and by midday had me in unstoppable silent tears because I couldn't be in two places at once even though I drove like the wind, turned out better than I'd hoped and ended with hugs. Families make you mad at times but mostly they make you feel very loved and cheerful.


I'm cheerful because my older daughter came by and dropped off some chocolate as she felt sorry for me stuck indoors with my cold. We agreed it would probably having me coughing my head off but if I didn't try to guzzle all down in one go, and went one square now and then, I'd probably be ok. :D


Im happy as i have just escaped costa after 3 weeks and a very near miss, i have just had a very yummy lunch down at my church and im now hooked up to my o2 machine and about to have a snooze b4 the kids get home from school :)


I'm always cheery, but thats my general happy-go-lucky attitude. Failing that, the Final Fantasy Chocobo music never fails to make me grin and bounce around. :D


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