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Random question, today I was at a traffic light controlled rounderbout with box junction on the lane on my right a big lorry and i was at the frount on a red light and behind me came a polic car under blues, I moved as much as i coul without crossing the line but the police car was changing his sirens and playing with his horn pulling faces/hands going up behind me. Eventually the lights changed so moved foward enough for it to get past.

My question what it the offical thing to do in this situation? Go through the red to let it past? Or sit there?

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Hmm, don't know the law on this one but have heard a case where a guy was prosecuted for running a red to let an ambulance with full on flashing blues, sirens etc through which seems completely stupid! Police then said running a red under any circs not acceptable (even if emergency vehicle needing to get through?), but if they're the ones behind you making faces would assume not going to make a fuss later, I'd hope.

Not sure if any official thing exists on this, is there official website maybe?


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