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Hi, its Peter here, i would like to apologise sincerely for any confusion or any offence caused. I have a great interest in asthma and i hope that this last post will not affect your opinion of me, but I really think it has. I did not post that last comment as I was in the shower at the time after rugby training, my two housemates ceased the opportunity to act the 'whag' ( like typical university students) and posted it. Im apologise sincerely to the moderator and those who viewed it.

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Hi Pete,

I did wonder if something like this might be the explanation as the tone of the post last night was so very different to your other posts.

A timely reminder to us all perhaps to be careful about who has access to our computers when we're not around - although I guess anyone could be victim of a prank like this, particularly when you trust the people around you.

Apology accepted, no worries.




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