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Bagpuss O2 Phone accesories

Being a bagpuss fan, I got one of these the other day!

( See main web site, home page for the coverage by AUK)

over £7 of the cost goes to Asthma UK so it is a good investment. (From O2 Shops)

The dangly thing is installed on my phone and I have discovered that the phone case takes an MDI inhaler very neatly - It may also take turbohalers but not sure of that!

Stickers ... yet to be installed!

So, go for it or ask Father Christmas for one!


A saggy baggy bagpuss fan!


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Just out of curiosity - is there a connection between Bagpuss and asthma?


Hello Gloomyeyore,

Bagpuss is Asthma UK's mascot, he raises lots of pennies - probably from people who are fans of Bagpuss and would not ordinarily donate to AUK. I used to watch Bagpuss on TV when i was little, i don't know how he was chosen or if there is a link but he is a very yummy cuddly mascot to have. Maybe someone else will know, have a good weekend, Lois x


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