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Bunion surgery

Hi, has anyone out there experienced having surgery for correcting bunions? Mine are bad enough now to warrant an orthopaedic referral but I have no idea what to expect, apart from the factual information gleaned from the www. I know everyone is different but would be grateful to hear of experiences (good and bad) and personal insights or views about whether it was worth it for you. I've not had a general anaesthetic for nearly 20 years and wasn't a diagnosed asthmatic then - didn't have any symptoms at the time so had no problems but my chest is much weaker now and I am on Ventolin and Seretide so that is of concern to me apart from the actual fairly barbaric surgery and long recovery time. So, any views on any aspect of this surgery would be gratefully received. I know the new keyhole procedure isn't yet available on the NHS so the old fashioned method is probably what I will end up with if receommended for the surgery. The pain I am in daily has forced me to ask for help but it is with some trepidation! Thanks in advance.


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Hi Karen, I had a bunion removed about 16 yrs ago but it was not a success and the bunion grew back! (dont think I had appropriate physiotherapy or advice about footwear after the op). However, I know 2 people who've had the surgery done in the last few years and they are very pleased with the results. Also they didnt have half leg plaster cast like I did, just plaster around the foot.

I was ok with the anaesthetic despite asthma. Think I took ventolin before the operation and when I came round. There are lots of threads about anaesthetic/operations if you want to check - it's come up quite a few times.


Thanks! I will have to take advice about it coming back, bunions are hereditary on both sides of the family and I have read that they can come back after surgery, and I suppose the younger you have it done the more chance of them coming back. Grateful to you for taking the time to reply! K.


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