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9/11 Poem - What dy'all Think??

10 Years ago,

To this very day,

19 People seen as Foe,

Really made America pay.

People are still unsure,

For what exact crime,

Just defending against war,

For their country at the time.

2977 Innocent killed,

341 Fireman too,

A whole world stood still,

For there was nothing they could do.

The scum behind these attacks,

Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden,

Who planned the 4 planes Hi-Jacks

Never once begged their Pardon…

They truly didn’t care,

About who or what stood in their way,

These terrorists really weren’t fair…

But who am I to say??

Fire and Rescue stood united,

A country looked on in Disbelief,

After the 1st, the 2nd Plane had been sighted,

This was about to give a whole nation Grief.

People all over the world,

Watched it live on air,

As a country burnt and curled,

Not a single person didn’t care!

These attacks caused millions pain,

Terrorists hi-jacked these 4 jets,

But really, what was the gain?

Just to see a country not recover yet…

From then on, People lived in fear,

Of this happening again, Loosing loved ones,

Because many people will always shed a tear,

For people murdered that day in this massive Con…

From that day on, In New York City,

People will never forget, the end of the Twin Towers,

A place that was once so pretty,

Has been forever ruined by Cowards.

Being rebuilt, but never the same,

Targeted, was the World Trade Centre

A lasting memorial to many it’s Became,

Only Brave fire fighters dared to enter.

September 11th, 10 years before,

Many people crowed ground Zero,

For years to come, hearts will pour,

For that was the end, for many a Hero…

Mother, Fathers, Daughters, Sons,

Aunties, Uncles, Nephews, Nieces,

A fighter that never needed guns,

Just one that left a world in Pieces.

A new day, new month, new year dawning,

Nothing will EVER change for everyone Mourning…

7 Replies

Well done Foster. Like a lot of people I can remember where I was and what I was doing when the news started breaking. Very very sad.


Hi Foster.

Like most others I have the pictures of the smoke rising from the towers into that beautiful blue sky imprinted on my mind and I have never been able to put into words the horror and disbelief of those few, short hours.

You've done a good job there, thanks.


Fantastic tribute, your very talented.


Wow. Thats a great poem. Youve got talent. Im very touched as i lost my cousin in the Pentagon that day. Thank you.


You are very talented, what a super poem, a good way to remember that tragic day and all those who were injured and killed


Excellent poem Foster

I think most people couldnt believe what they saw live on tv was real.

I watched it unfold, like millions of others on tv.

I was so shocked, but couldnt stop watching.

It seemed surreal, but was so real.

Im sure your poem will be read by many, and praised by all.


Worst day ever. I remeber having a big party the day before for my sweet 16 and then that happening. It left us in a mad dash to contact relative in NYC and its taken me 10 years to be able to celebrate my birthday without feeling guilty about being happy (cos its my birthday). Thoughts and prayers with all those directly and indreictly affected by it. xxx


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